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Apex Legends: How Hunted Changes the Meta

CBR 8/11/2022 Zachary Pilon
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The latest Apex Legends season recently landed for players across the world, bringing with it a lot of changes to adapt to, as well as a new legend in the form of survivalist sniper Vantage. These new additions and shakeups to the familiar 13th season meta will end up testing longtime players as they work to adapt to the latest that developer Respawn Entertainment has to offer.

Season 14, like those before it, sees a number of changes coming to the Apex Games. While it doesn't bring as many major environment changes as Season 13 did, Season 14, called "Hunted," continues the seasonal addition of a new legend to the game, as well as rebalancing and changing some weapons and items that players are able to loot. Along with new gameplay content comes the Hunted Battle Pass, which adds a number of new survival-themed cosmetics. With all the new content, players will have to be up-to-date to make sure they don't fall prey to old habits.

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Vantage Brings Abilities Suited For Long-Range Engagements.

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The most noticeable update with the Hunted season is Vantage, the latest legend to join the Apex Games. Unlike the rushdown gameplay of Season 12's Mad Maggie or the defensive power of Season 13's Newcastle, Vantage's abilities make her best suited for taking on long-range fights. With a passive ability that allows her to see the team size and shield quality of enemies she sees in larger scopes and an ultimate that grants her a damage-boosting unique sniper, Vantage makes taking long shots with precision weapons much more effective.

Vantage's tactical, Echo, also gives her a good deal of vertical flexibility, which also comes as Season 9's Valkyrie gets a nerf to her jetpack's fuel and takeoff speed. With echo, Vantage can launch toward her titular flying pet as long as she has line of sight, gaining a great deal of distance. In play, this makes Vantage a new threat to keep watch for, as she can easily reposition behind enemies to flank without much trouble. Even outside of close combat, Echo allows Vantage to get to better sniper nests and higher ground.

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Most Apex Weapons & Items See Meaningful Changes

One of the biggest changes to the game's loot pool in Season 14 is the Bocek compound bow and Rampage LMG heading into the supply crate, while the G7 scout and Volt SMG return to the floor. The Bocek in particular has been a popular weapon, and it's movement into the crate will see its fans needing to find a new primary during the season. Another major change-up is both the Spitfire LMG and Wingman no longer using heavy ammo, with the former now receiving light ammo and the latter added to the sniper ammo category.

Many other items are seeing changes as well. Beyond buffs and debuffs, SMGs and pistols now have a new barrel attachment in the form of a laser sight, granting better hipfire accuracy, while the 30-30 Repeater sees its reload speed effectively double with the dual loader hop-up being integrated into the base weapon. In golden gear, the knockdown shield now uses the guardian angel perk, previously belonging to the golden backpack. The backpack now features deep pockets, letting players carry higher stacks of large medical items.

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King's Canyon Is Back & the Ring Is Faster

King's Canyon has returned to rotation, bringing the original Apex Legends map back. The updated map not only sees visual improvements, but also a number of new points of interest that build on the lore of previous seasons. With several changes meant to open up engagements and improve map rotation, King's Canyon is looking better than ever.

Players won't have as much time to walk through and explore, however. In a rather big shake-up, the first ring of the game will start closing in after just one minute instead of the previous three, meaning teams will have to pick up the pace and get to safety much faster. With all the new changes to the map and the gameplay loop, King's Canyon almost feels like a fresh map for players returning to where it all began.

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Level Cap Increases & Other Features Shake Up the Game

The level cap of the game has also been quadrupled, letting players level from 1 to 500 three more times, granting an additional 345 Apex Packs and giving players a free heirloom once maxing out the levels instead of needing heirloom shards. In game, players will also see that gathering crafting materials is now team-wide, letting players more efficiently gather and craft their needed items. The Legends themselves have seen several buffs and changes, with Mad Maggie and Newcastle in particular gaining several major improvements.

There are even more changes that have come to Apex Legends in the latest update, shifting the meta and creating a fresh experience for long-time fans who might have been feeling too comfortable in season 13. No matter what, anyone who wants to get in on the ground floor of a fresh season will have plenty to learn when it comes to becoming an Apex Predator.

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