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Demon's Souls walkthrough: How to complete Demon's Souls step-by-step and master Boletaria

GamesRadar logo GamesRadar 11/14/2020 Joseph Yaden
a statue of a man and a woman standing in front of a building: Demon's Souls Walkthrough © Provided by GamesRadar Demon's Souls Walkthrough

Any kind of Demon's Souls PS5 walkthrough is going to be incredibly helpful if you've never played the game before. It's easy to spend hours wandering its levels unsure what to do or how to proceed. While to some that is the point, there's nothing wrong with having a few pointers about where to go and what order to tackel things in. The maze-like levels, traps, tricky enemies and complicated upgrade systems can crush the unprepared. So whether you’re new to Demon’s Souls or need a refresher, this walkthrough will come in handy for you.

Here, we’ll cover how to get through each section, how to take down all bosses, and we’ll highlight important items you should collect as you play. This is a broad Demon's Souls walkthough built from the original PS3 version and currently being updated for PS5. While there are some minor changes to items and other small differences the bulk of the game remains untouched so what was true on PS3 still stand now.  

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Character creation

Before you actually start playing, there are some things you should know about character creation. There are 10 classes to choose from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. For the most part, they’re all useful in their own ways, but for newcomers, there are certain classes that stand out above others. We suggest either a Knight, for its high strength and defense; a Magician or Royalty, for their long range magic attacks, or a Soldier, which can help you get used to the game’s melee combat system.

The important thing to note is that your class does not bind your character to certain stats or gear. Classes are just a means for giving you certain enhancements at the start of the game. A Magician can acquire heavy melee weapons and level themselves to become melee powerhouse - and vice-versa. So don’t worry too much about your class.


After you’ve created your character, you’ll start off at the tutorial section, which teaches you many of the game’s mechanics. Here, you’ll learn about picking up items, how to use light and heavy attacks, how to heal (and use items), and the intricacies of death.

This section is linear, so use it as an opportunity to learn how the game feels. Take out the enemies ahead, and follow the path while stopping to interact with the signs on the ground. These will give you tips for how to play. The most important takeaway is to lock onto your enemies by clicking in the right stick. You’ll be glad you did.

From here, head inside, take out the enemies, and follow the path that leads upstairs. You’ll then need to drop off the ledge to the left (this teaches you that you take fall damage), and head through a grassy area with trees. At the far end, you’ll see a sword sticking out of the ground under a roof. Use this to warp to the second part of the tutorial.

Keep following the path and practice parrying, switch between one-handing and two-handing your weapon, and learn how to block effectively. You’ll come to some more stairs that lead upward, so follow them and keep making your way up the tower. Enter the fog, turn left and make your up way up the stairs that lead to the first boss fight.

Vanguard boss fight

Here’s the thing about this boss: You’re supposed to die. It’s one of the many tricks the game plays on you. You can, in fact, kill it here, but the overwhelming majority of players will die and that’s okay. 

If you do plan on taking it out, the best method is to stick behind it and back away when it flies up into the air. Depending on which weapon(s) you have, you may be able to attack it from afar. Otherwise, two-hand your weapon for extra damage and keep rolling through its attacks to get behind it. The boss can kill you in two hits, so you’ll have to basically play perfectly to take out the Vanguard. 

Do note that if you die, you’ll be in Soul form, meaning your health will be significantly diminished - which is an excellent opportunity to learn how to get by with little health. Afterwards, whether you’ve died or defeated it, you’ll end up in The Nexus, which serves as the game’s hub world. You’ll come here to level up, upgrade your weapons, purchase some items, and deposit your gear. 

When you’re ready, talk to the Crestfallen Warrior (the man with a blue aura) and then interact with the Archstone of the Small King behind him. This will send you to the first stage of the game known as Boletarian Palace.

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Boletarian Palace 1-1 walkthrough 

As soon as you start, you’ll be in front of a massive structure and your goal is to open up the large gate ahead. Of course, you can’t simply walk up to it and expect it to open. Head forward up the stairs and then make a left. Keep going, past the giant hole in the ground and back inside. 

You’ll eventually end up back outside with some steps ahead of you. To the right of the steps are some firebombs that you absolutely must pick up for the boss fight later on. Try not to use them until the boss battle. Go upstairs, through the fog door and continue making your way upward. Your aim is to make your way all the way to the top. Just be careful of the boulder that rolls down the stone steps towards the end.

Skip the fog wall on the left for now and go straight, making your way down a long series of steps. About halfway down is a platform that leads outside. Slash the two chains here and head down to the bottom to open up a shortcut. Don’t forget to pick up (and equip) the Cling Ring, which grants you more health. Then go all the way back upstairs and head through the fog.

Follow this path down, past an enemy by some barrels, and you’ll come to a fork. (Keep in mind, you can roll off the steps here onto the platform below to save an NPC named Ostrava and grab the Thief’s Ring.) To the right is a merchant and straight ahead is the path to advance. Keep going this way and you’ll see more steps ahead that lead upward (if you go down the steps to the right, you’ll encounter Ostrava who you should save from the Dreglings.) 

Keep going up and cross through the fog once again. Slash the wood holding up the boulders to your left to take out the multiple enemies ahead and keep going until you reach a bridge. Run ahead, grab the enemies’ attention, and then back away so the Red Dragon moves past. Keep doing this until it’s clear and then pull the lever on the other side of the bridge.

You’ll reach another set of stairs that leads all the way down to the ground level. Be careful as you make your way down and take note of the Hoplites, which are slimy shielded creatures. Attack them from behind and when you reach the bottom, pull the lever. This will open up a shortcut that leads to the large gate ahead of where you started. Cross the fog to start your first real boss fight.

Phalanx boss fight

This is an unusual boss in that much of the fight involves you taking out the smaller Hoplites enemies around it. They’re all gathered on top of the boss and prevent you from attacking it. Remember those firebombs we advised you to save? Use them now. Throw all of them at the Hoplites until most of them are cleared. Once they’re all dead, you’ll have a clear shot of the boss. 

At this point, either use your magic or two-hand a melee weapon to ensure you deal lots of damage. The boss itself isn’t dangerous at all, but those smaller enemies pack a punch. If you die, you won’t get your firebombs back, so do your best to take out the boss on your first go. 

After it’s dead, interact with the Archstone to head back to The Nexus to level up. You’ll need to head upstairs to talk with The Monumental located towards the top of The Nexus. Then talk with The Maiden In Black to level up. Once you’re ready, go back to the Archstone and head to Phalanx Archstone for the next part.

(We also recommend grabbing the Crescent Falchion+1 sword from the beginning of Shrine of Storms, known as 4-1, because it's the first level of the fourth archstone. It’s found just past the first fog gate, immediately to the left through the building and back outside behind a Dual-Katana Black Skeleton. This weapon scales with magic and will give you a leg up in the earlier segments.)

Phalanx Archstone 1-2 walkthrough 

Section 1-2 is actually fairly straightforward in terms of the path you need to take to reach the boss. In essence you need to cross the large bridge ahead. But that’s easier said than done, of course. From the start, make your way through the room with the Hoplites and make your way outside. 

Before you cross, we should warn you about the Red Dragon that patrols the bridge here. The dragon flies laps across each section of the bridge, so what you need to do is run as soon as he flies past. It also helps if you take off all your armor, as you’ll be lighter on your feet. Don’t stop to pick up any items unless the dragon has just flown by.

Run to the area ahead and make your way downstairs to the underground portion of the bridge. What you need to do here is follow the path forward until you reach a pathway on your right that leads up to the next section. Along the way are dogs and a few enemies, so take them out cautiously. At the very end of this section, just after the path that leads upstairs is a merchant.

Once you’re back upstairs on the main floor of the bridge, turn around and take out the group of four archers that will start shooting at your back. Then, go upstairs to grab the Compound Short Bow, and then make your way through the fog.

After you do, take out the enemies ahead and then wait just behind the carriage. As soon as the Red Dragon flies past, run. Stick to the right side of the bridge and stop when you get to the wagon with the barrels in it. Wait here until the dragon passes, and then run all the way back to the carriage. With a little luck, the dragon will have taken out at least some of the enemies ahead. Keep doing this until you’re comfortable, head upstairs to grab items (and find Crystal Gekko that will drop weapon upgrades if you can catch it before it runs away so attack from range if you can) and take note of the locked door nearby (you’ll need the Iron Ring of Keys you can pick up later to open it). When you’re ready, make your way through the fog to start the next boss fight.

Tower Knight boss 

The Tower Knight boss is massive and packs a serious punch, but he’s not as difficult as he looks. The main thing you need to do before engaging with the boss is to take out all the archers that surround the arena. Head up the steps on either side and wrap around to take them all out while steering clear of the Tower Knight’s long range attacks.

Once they’re all dead, run down to the boss and lure him to the center of the stage. Make sure you two-hand your melee weapon and don’t lock on. Stick behind him and strike both of his ankles until they both emit a green substance.

Keep doing this and the boss will fall on its back. Make sure you step away so he doesn’t fall on you. Then, pummel away at his head to deal massive amounts of damage. Repeat this process a couple times (depending on the weapon you have) until the boss is dead.

Head back to the Nexus to level up.

Before proceeding any further through 1-3, you must first slay an Archdemon, so we advise to skip over to the second world, Stonefang Tunnel next. We’ll come back to 1-3 at the end of the game.

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Stonefang Tunnel 2-1 walkthrough 

From the start, head up to the top and take note of the stopped platforms in the room nearby. We’ll come back to this point a little later. Instead, head towards the large structure ahead, and watch out for the falling rocks. 

Go inside, make your way through the Scale Miners, dogs, and Fat Official and then head upstairs through the narrow corridors. Go up two more flights of stairs and you’ll see a large, closed gate across from a platform. Next to this gate is another Fat Official, so take him out if you’d like and then roll off the platform to the floor below and interact with the lever to open the gate. Now, head through it by doubling back and making your way through the fog. 

Go up two floors and you’ll come to a large group of Scale Miners ahead. You’ll see a fog path to the right, but skip it for now. Also, take note of the lava pool on the right, which is currently blocked. Get through them and keep going until you end up outside. From here, make a right and then you’ll see a lever you can pull that will initiate the rotating platforms we mentioned above. Take the platform down to reach Blacksmith Ed, an NPC who upgrades your weapons to certain paths using materials found around the world. Now, head back to where the large group of Scale Miners were and go through the fog beside them.

Now, keep following the path, past the room of Miners and you’ll come to a huge open area. Once here, turn left around a corner and you’ll see two Miners throwing more rocks at you. Run up to them, grab their attention and back away to pick them off one at a time.

Follow the path behind them, up to a section where you’ll find flaming geckos on a structure and then go down on the opposite side. Keep going down, past the dogs and you’ll come to another group of Miners and a final lever for you to pull, next to a rotating wheel. Pulling it will pour water on the lava blocking your path. 

Head back to the lava pool mentioned above (in front of the last fog gate), and follow the newly uncovered path. Go upstairs and then you’ll come across a new path that leads back down, where you’ll find another Fat Official blocking a fog gate, with numerous barrels surrounding him. 

Wait for him to destroy the barrels, then defeat him or simply run past, through the fog. Keep going until you reach a large elevator with a lever you can pull to take you down to the boss ahead.

Armor Spider boss

There are two ways to defeat Armor Spider - the easy way and the hard way. The easy way involves you shooting around 50 arrows at it from a spot where you can’t get hit. This is definitely a “cheese” tactic, but one we highly recommend. To do so, stand on the left, to use a webbed up body as cover. From here, you’ll take barely any damage and you can kill the boss with ease (it’ll just take a few minutes).

Otherwise, you can do your best to dodge through its fireballs and webs to make your way right up to the Armor Spider to strike it with melee attacks. Get in a few hits, then either block or roll through its strikes and repeat the process. It helps if you use Sticky White Stuff, an item you can find and rub on a weapon to add magical damage, to deal more damage.

Armor Spider Archstone 2-2 walkthrough 

Instead of returning to 1-3, let’s finish off all of Stonefang Tunnel first. Before you proceed any further, though, head back to Nexus and deposit everything except for the essentials. Drop off your upgrade materials and any weapons/armor you won’t need. You’ll be picking up a lot of heavy items in this section. Then, head to 2-2. Head forward and then make your way down the left path, while being cautious of the exploding carts - run past them so you're nowhere near when they go off.

Past the Fat Official, take the elevator down and lure the Black Phantoms ahead. Ride the elevator back up and the two will (for some reason) jump down the hole. Then ride it back down to indulge in the Crystal Gekko pit. After you kill them, quit out and load back in to respawn them.

Then, head all the way back up using the elevator and continue along the path until you get outside. The idea here is to drop off from the right side, next to the Rock Worm to your right. Drop down and make sure you get behind the Giant Bearbug sitting in front of Patches the NPC. If you stick behind it, the creature won’t hurt you. As soon as it’s dead, back away and wait for its corpse to explode. Then grab the Ring of Flame Resistance from where it stood.

Keep dropping down and you’ll find the Filthy Man NPC on the side of the cliff, who sells Sharpstone and Hardstone materials. Then, keep making your way down until you reach what seems like a Rock Worm graveyard with a fog gate nearby.

Cross the gate and you’ll come to a tunnel that might make your heart sink, due to how confusing it is. However, we’ll let you in on the path ahead. From the start, go straight and at the fork, turn left. You’ll come to another fork guarded by a Bearbug - either path will work. Then at the next junction, turn right and follow it until you can turn left. Then take this all the way to an open area where you can drop down. (Before the end of the final stretch, make sure you grab the Dragon Long Sword+1, as it’s very powerful.) Keep in mind, this cave area is full of goodies, but the path we described is the quickest way to the end.

Drop down, kill the Rock Worms, and follow the tunnel ahead. Turn left to kill another set of Rock Worms and grab the pair of Hands of God. Then, go the other way where you’ll come to the next boss.

Flamelurker boss 

Much like the Armor Spider boss, the Flamelurker can be cheesed. This boss is extremely deadly and deals high fire damage, but he tends to get stuck on the geometry of the map - leaving him open for attacks. As soon as you walk through the fog to start the fight, look to your left. There is a massive spine there, which you can use to shield yourself from his attacks.

Get the boss’ attention, then make your way to the other side of the spine. If done correctly, the boss will continuously run towards you and his attacks won’t be able to reach you. Stay back a little and hit him with magic, arrows, or any melee weapon with some decent range like a halberd or spear.

If he starts to come around, simply move to the far right against the spine, and he’ll come back around. Stay back when he uses his attacks and you’ll be able to take this boss down with ease.

Dragon God boss

The next section leads right into another boss fight. This time, it’s against the Dragon God and you’ll be pleased to know it’s nowhere near as difficult as Flamelurker. The main goal of this fight is to reach the left and right sections of this area, where you can shoot the boss with ballistas.

The trick is to only move when the boss’ eyes are yellow and when he’s looking away. His eyes will be red while he’s attacking. Start by going to the right, wait for him to look the other way and destroy the rubble. Keep doing this until you reach the ballista. After you shoot him, head downstairs and repeat the process all the way up to the second ballista. Shoot him again.

Then, when he goes down, attack his horn - but be cautious of his breath as it can damage you. Wait for it to disappear then attack the horn and back away. Do this a few times and he’ll go down. After he’s down explore this area and grab any items you might’ve missed.

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Tower of Latria 3-1 walkthrough 

Tower of Latria starts off in a prison, with the goal of making your way to the bottom floor and outside. It’s confusing since each floor looks the same. From the starting point, go left and wrap around to the opposite side. Grab the Prison of Hope, 3F Cell Key on the wall along the way and continue ahead, then make a left to the next section past the cauldron.Use the geometry to take cover from the Mind Flayer’s attacks and strike in between animations.

From the hallway that connects the two main areas, turn left, and again - wrap around to the right to grab the next key, Prison of Hope, 3F Key, in an identical spot as the last. You can now head back to the starting cell and make your way to the gate beside it, which can now be opened thanks to the key you grabbed.

Pass through the fog and take this path upstairs. Head forward and once again, wrap around to the right (take note of the gate that leads outside). Continue ahead and you’ll come to an open section that leads through a cell. Pass through it and make a right when you get to the next area and you’ll find the Prison of Hope, 4F Key and Prison of Hope, 4F Cell Key. Now return to the gate mentioned above to go outside.

Follow this path to the next area and stick to the left side (note that you can free a merchant NPC called the Once Royal Mistress on the right side). Keep going and you’ll be able to open yet another gate. Take the steps down to the floors below.

Keep going until you reach another gate that leads to the Prison of Hope, 1F Key and the Prison of Hope, 1F Cell Key on a wall. Ahead is another gate, but there’s also one to the right that you can’t access right now. Keep this gate in mind because you’ll need to come back here using the Warden’s Key. For now, go forward and keep going down, all the way to the bottom floor, though another fog gate. Finally, at the bottom, open up another gate and you’ll be on the ground floor.

In the distance you’ll see the Prisoner Horde, an enemy made of bodies. Directly behind this enemy is a path that leads to the outside. Either run past the Prisoner Horde or take it out and then make your way outside using the path behind it, where you’ll trigger a cutscene.

Go left and then right, straight towards the ballista machine and grab the Prison of Hope Warden’s Key - located just before you’d take damage. Now, head back to the gate from above and open it using the Warden’s Key. Follow this path along to the left and you’ll coupe to a double gate. Open it and follow this path into the tall tower, through the fog gate on the bottom floor, which leads to the backside of the deadly bolt machine. You can now turn it off to collect the items in front of it, safely.

Now, head up to the other tower behind the ballista machine and follow this path all the way up, to the church, and to an enemy Dregling that you need to kill in order to defeat the next boss (if you don't the boss will be healed while you fight her so don't listen to anything he says). Behind him is the Prison of Hope, Special Key, which you can use to free the Sage Freke NPC on the third floor of the prison.

Finally, head back down, up to the church and take out the Baby's Nail Black Phantom. The best strategy is to back away so she pulls out her bow and then rush her as she switches to her melee weapon. Once she’s down, run up to the church to start the Fool’s Idol boss fight.

Fool’s Idol boss

Fool’s Idol is one of the easiest boss encounters in the game (as long as you’re prepared) and if you’ve followed along, you should be well equipped to take her down. The main thing you should know about this fight is that after a while, she’ll clone herself and hide amongst the replicas of herself.

You can only damage one of them and one way to tell which one is the real one is by looking at the attacks. The real Fool’s Idol fires a massive Soul Ray, while the fake ones use the smaller, less deadly Soul Arrow. If you leave some of her followers alive they'll also turn to face the real one. Use the columns to hide behind and then run up and get a few hits in. Repeat this process a few times and she’ll be down in no time. Afterward, you’ll be carried up to the next area.

Fool's Idol Archstone 3-2 walkthrough 

Comparatively speaking, Fool’s Idol Archstone is much easier than the previous one. It does have its fair share of confusing, labyrinthian paths, but we’ll guide you through it every step of the way. Start by going straight, past the fire, and into the tower ahead, make your way up the steps.

At the top will be a bridge you can take to the left, but also take note of the blocked off path that continues up the stairs. We’ll be returning here after we clear it out. For now, take the bridge, and make your way into the next tower, through the fog. Keep going and ride the elevator all the way to the top. It takes it a while to come down, so be patient and keep your guard up while you wait.

Take out all the Dreglings at the top to trigger a cutscene. Then, follow the path down some steps that lead to cages you can ride down to the swamp. Take the cage at your 12 o’clock (instead of the one on the left) and ride it down. Just behind the cage are some steps you can use to get onto the wooden platform. From here, follow the path up to the natural, rocky section and make your way up, along another wooden platform, and up to another rocky section.

Pass through the fog and continue ahead. From here, it’s pretty linear, but be careful of the Black Phantom Mind Flayer and the Giant Man Centipedes. You’ll see a Crystal Gekko and a small bridge to its right. Take this path and follow it up to the tower, just like before. Ride the elevator up and take out the Dregglings. Take the path next to where the Dregglings were and you’ll end up close to the start of the level - just before the very first tower you entered. From here, drop down from the broken platform and either go right - back to the Archstone and to the Nexus to level up, or left, back up the tower to reach the previously inaccessible section. When you’re ready, go up this tower and continue up the stairs, all the way to the top. Again, be careful of the Mind Flayer here. At the top is a fog you can pass to get to the next boss.

Maneater boss

To be frank, Maneater is one of the toughest bosses up to this point. There’s a lot going against you, like the fact that you can easily get knocked off the narrow platform, the Maneater’s damage output, and the additional Maneater that spawns in after you lower the first one’s health to around 20% (or after 100 seconds).

With that in mind, your goal should be to take out the first one as quickly as you can, before the second one spawns in. Luckily, you can actually cheese the first Maneater by shooting arrows at it through the fog gate. If you stand to the right side and zoom in, you’ll be able to damage it. It’ll take quite a few arrows - around 200 or so, but you can definitely do it.

Otherwise, play conservatively and get behind the Maneater to pull off a few attacks, then back away and either block or roll through its attacks. If you stick close to it, you won’t have to worry too much about its long range attacks. Just be cautious when it flies away and try not to lock on, as the camera can get wonky.

The second Maneater is basically the same (but uglier) so repeat the process and try not to get close to the edge of the walkway - you’ll likely get knocked off. After they’re down, head to the Archstone on the opposite end to begin the final section of this world.

Maneater Archstone 3-3 walkthrough 

Luckily, this section is extremely short. All you need to do is climb the steps while taking out Man Centipedes and Black Phantom Mind Flayers. The second Mind Flayer is guarding a Crystal Gekko, so try to pull its attention toward you and take it out without triggering the Gekko. Just behind it is the fog to the next boss and thankfully, it’s easier than the last.

Old Monk boss

Previously, this boss would actually be controlled by another player, but since the online servers have been closed, it’ll play like a regular fight. The trick with the Old Monk is to keep him stunned while you attack him, preventing him from even getting a shot off.

Start off by two-handing your melee weapon and mashing the light attack. This will stun the boss, then back away to regain stamina and repeat the process. If you get hit and need to heal, take your shield out and try to circle around him to get a backstab. After the backstab animation, quickly heal before he gets up. Or, simply roll far away to heal.

Be careful of his long range magic attacks. If you stay close, you won’t have to deal with them much, so try not to get too far away from the boss. If you follow the method we described, you should be able to take him out in no time. Return to the Nexus, level up and get ready for the next area.

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Shrine of Storms 4-1 walkthrough 

The main thing you need to watch out for in Shrine of Storms are the Storm Beasts that fly around and shoot spikes at you. If you’ve got some sort of long range weapon, now is a great time to make use of it. Also, having an upgraded Dragon Longsword won’t hurt. Head forward and up the steps while being cautious of the skeletons. Try to take them out one at a time (Thief's Rings helps here). Before the fog gate, grab the Talisman of God to the right. This allows you to cast miracles.

Cross the fog and head forward where you’ll see a familiar face. That’s right, it’s the Vanguard from the tutorial level. Taking him out right now will be cake compared to then. Essentially, you need to stick behind it, get a few hits in and back away while it does it’s stomp attack. Then, go through the fog behind where the Vanguard stood to proceed. Keep in mind, if you take the path below the Vanguard, you’ll reach a section with illusory walls that will lead to the Compound Long Bow, one of the best in the game. We highly recommend grabbing it.

Follow this path up some stairs and climb the ladder ahead. Make sure you’ve got full health here, because you might get hit with a spike or two from above. At the top, turn right and roll off the side of the platform to reach the rubble below and then roll off again to get to a lower level that leads ahead.

Follow this narrow path along the cliff while being cautious of the spikes from the Storm Beasts. Either go around or take out the Gold Skeletons and keep making your way forward. Cross the fog and go to the hallway below the steps in front of you. Be careful, as there’s a pressure plate that triggers a set of three arrows that will fire towards you from the front, so put your shield up to guard.

To the right is a path that leads down some steps and a Black Skeleton along the way. Take it out and get ready for the boss.

Adjudicator boss

Fortunately, the Adjudicator is yet another easy boss. There are a couple strategies to taking it out, but know that the only way to damage it is to attack its head. This means you can stay up top and take pop shots at its head with arrows, or run down to the bottom level to attack its bleeding gut to get it to fall so its head is exposed. You can then get some easy melee attacks in.

The melee method is faster, while the long range bow method is safer. If you’re going to use melee, make sure you two-hand your weapon to attack its gut. Then, it’ll fall on its face. Attack its head as much as you can and it’ll go down quickly. If you’re staying up top, watch out for its long range tongue attacks. Use cover to avoid taking damage and be aware that the boss can destroy some of the floor around you.

Adjudicator Archstone 4-2 walkthrough  

This segment is arguably the most difficult of the entire world, simply due to the darkness and tough enemies, along with the narrow platforms that can lead to an untimely death. Go forward and outside, onto the platform below, and enter the dark structure by stepping on the pressure plate.

Make your way to the bottom of this section and you’ll see a Reaper with a scythe. Behind the Reaper is an altar with yet another pressure plate on the back side, so step on it and it’ll open up a door on the opposite side of this room. Make your way outside and carefully eliminate the skeletons you come across one at a time.

Cross the fog and make your way down the narrow stairs. Hold up your shield as the Shadowlurkers in this area shoot powerful beams at you. Block them and then rush the enemies. Keep following the path down and you’ll come to another fog door. Cross it to reach an outside section. Continue along and you’ll end up back inside where you’ll find another Reaper and more Shadowlurkers. Behind them is another tunnel that leads below - which takes you to the Phosphorescent Slug room.

Here, your main job is to get to the opposite side of the room. Cross the narrow walkway, grab the Sticky White Stuff, and take a left. Then take this path to a tunnel ahead that seems to be illuminated by a sparkly material. Keep going, take the steps, and you’ll end up at the next boss.

Old Hero boss

The Old Hero is a pushover due to the fact that he’s blind. This means he can only hear you. If you equip the Thief’s Ring, you can walk right up behind him, get a few strikes in, and back away as he roars. Rinse and repeat this process to take him down easily.

If, for some reason, you don’t have the Thief’s Ring, make sure you maneuver around the boss by walking instead of sprinting. Get behind and use long range attacks and then use the pillars to separate you from the Old Hero.

He’s also weak to poison, so use this to your advantage, along with the Demon’s Prank spell. Ideally, you should be two-handing your weapon during this fight to deal more damage. You shouldn’t need to block if you’re getting a few hits in and running away.

There are multiple strategies, but we highly suggest to use the Thief’s Ring, as it makes this boss a cakewalk.

Storm King boss

Finally, the next section is yet another boss and once again, it’s not terribly difficult if you come prepared. For starters, we suggest you bring a bow with you - preferably the Compound Long Bow (which is acquired from 4-1). Stock up on around 100 arrows or so before the fight.

At the start of the fight, you should aim to take out as many Storm Beasts as you can. This will make your life easier when facing off against the Storm King. Make sure you take off the Thief’s Ring for this part so the Storm Beasts will come to you.

Zoom in and take them all out one by one and eventually, the Storm King will appear. There are two main strategies you can use to take the boss down. The most common method is to go down to the bottom of this area and to the left to find the Stormruler, a sword that does long range damage.

It’s effective against the Storm King, but it’s hard to use since you have to charge it up and aim it correctly. If you’re right beneath the boss, you should be able to pull off an attack with the Stormruler. Make sure you use the geometry in this area to take cover from the Storm King’s long range spikes. 

The other method is to keep using arrows and we find this to be the most effective. Again, get under it, lock on, and fire away. Depending on which bow you’re using and how much you’ve upgraded it, this process might take a while, but it’s much easier to land an attack using this method than if you’re using the Stormruler.

Magic works great, too, but again - your mileage may vary depending on the catalyst you have, along with your stats, so using a bow might be easier. Once it’s dead, warp back to the Nexus to start the next area!

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Valley of Defilement 5-1 walkthrough 

This section is probably the creepiest in the game, due to the black pit that surrounds you and the narrow platforms you walk upon to traverse it. The main piece of advice for this area is to be careful with locking onto enemies. Sometimes if you’re locked on, an enemy will move or fall off a platform, causing your camera to become disoriented - leading to a possible death. 

Start by making your way up the planks to the top of the section above and then take the left path ahead. Then cross the gap in front of you and drop down to the platform below. You’ll be able to cross another plank to the left and you can create a little shortcut by pushing down a piece of wood right next to it.

Cross the plank and make your way down where you’ll come to a bridge. Try not to fight the enemies while on the bridge, as it’s easy to get swarmed. Make your way across, and then keep going, down a ladder (or you can drop down). Again, keep going down and you’ll reach yet another bridge.

Make your way across the bridge and then take a right, where you’ll come to two Giant Ticks. When you take them out, stand back, as their mist can give you the plague. Head down the planks behind them and you’ll come to a small junction with rats. Take them all out quickly (or from afar) to avoid the plague. Then, cross the narrow plank that leads to a Giant Depraved One - a bigger version of the regular enemies you’ve seen thus far. Try not to fight him on the narrow platform.

Then, go into the area behind him, make your way up, and you’ll reach more Giant Ticks and a bridge. Take out the ticks, cross the bridge, and use the same tactic as before: Fight the enemies away from the bridge to give yourself more room. Finally, after you’ve crossed the bridge, head down a few planks to the area below, where you’ll reach the next boss.

Leechmonger boss

Fortunately, Leechmonger can easily be cheesed with a bow. The main thing to know is that you must stand close enough to the boss to get it to shoot its leech balls at you, but far enough away to avoid them.

Move forward across the planks on the left and then drop down to the next set of planks below you on the right. You’ll sort of slide down a wall and land on the corner. From here, the boss cannot attack you but it’ll still try. Stay here and fire arrows until it’s dead.

If you’re too far away, it won’t throw leeches at you - causing the boss to regenerate its health. Stay close and you’ll be able to take it out without even getting hit. Otherwise, the boss is weak to fire so use turpentine to enhance your melee attacks.

Leechmonger Archstone 5-2

Make sure you bring plenty of Royal Lotuses with you for the Leechmonger Archstone, as the entire area is full of poison. Start by making your way down to the swampy area and once you’re at the bottom, run through the water towards your nine o’clock, while stopping at the little islands to pick up items. Along the way, you’ll find a Shard of Suckerstone, and the War Scythe. 

Stick to the water on the left and continue wrapping around, clockwise. If done correctly, you’ll go past the Meat Cleaver Black Phantom. If you’re going to fight her, make sure you don’t do it in the water. Keep wrapping around, across the islands, and you’ll see the first fog gate ahead.

Cross it and then look to your right. You should see large flames in the distance, indicating your destination. Head this way while sticking to the left side. There will be some large slugs along the way with another fog gate ahead. Be careful of the poisonous Depraved Ones.

After the fog, you’ll come to the Filthy Woman NPC. Keep going along the narrow paths while carefully taking out enemies one at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed. Follow this section to the section above, and you’ll reach another plank that leads upward. At the top of this plank, wrap around to the left (opposite of the swamp), where you’ll reach the next boss.

Dirty Colossus boss

Guess what. You can cheese Dirty Colossus, as well. The tactic is to get behind one of the torches ahead and angle yourself so the boss’ ranged attacks don’t hit you. If you position yourself correctly, you’ll be able to shoot the boss with arrows, without taking damage yourself. Just make sure you adjust yourself as needed and if you do get hit, run into the fire to burn the flies off you.

Alternatively, you should know that Dirty Colossus is weak to fire, so again - use turpentine on a melee weapon and stick behind it to get some attacks in. Back away when it does its AOE attack and keep striking with two-handed attacks.

Maiden Astraea boss

The next section begins with the final boss fight of this area against Maiden Astrea. It’s a trick boss because you don’t actually have to fight her. Instead, you must kill her bodyguard, Garl Vinland. As soon as you walk through the fog, head straight and to the left. This path leads to Garl Vinland and all you have to do is take him down.

He’s somewhat challenging, but the nice thing is that you can use a number of different strategies on him. We found backstabs to be the most useful as you can deal massive damage and then get additional attacks in before he even gets up. If you use the Thief’s Ring, he’ll basically stay in one spot with his shield up, so get behind him, backstab and then switch to two-handing your weapon to dish out a couple attacks before rolling away. 

If you catch him off guard, you can continuously strike him and he’ll be stunned and unable to retaliate. After he’s dead, head down to the swamp below, using the path behind Vinland, which leads to the Maiden. Talk with her and she’ll die without you setting a finger on her. Then touch the Archstone beside her to return to the Nexus. 

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Tower Knight Archstone 1-3 walkthrough 

Remember this world? Now’s a great time to finish it off since you should be decently leveled and since you killed an Archdemon, you’ll be able to open the door at the start. Go forward and you’ll reach a set of steps above. Roll out of the way of the flaming boulders and then use the newly opened path on the right.

Drop down to the section below and climb the ladder that leads to a platform you can drop from. Take the steps ahead to the upper floor and you’ll come to some steep, narrow steps with another flaming boulder. Dodge into one of the side paths and make your way up.

At the top, take a left through the fog and continue past the Red Eye Knight. Then, continue along, up the stairs until you reach another flaming boulder. Make sure you roll off to the side to avoid it. Move along the path ahead and you’ll see the fog gate in the distance, past a slew of enemies.

Once you reach the steps that lead to the boss ahead, turn around and head opposite of the fog. This will lead to a Fat Official and a lever you can pull to open up a shortcut by the start of the level. And you’ll save Ostrava in the process, so make sure you don’t let him die. Afterward, head up the long set of steps, up to the fog gate to start the boss fight.

Penetrator boss

This boss, unfortunately, cannot be cheesed, which is why we like to save it for the end. The Penetrator is quite challenging due to its aggressiveness. We recommend attacking it from afar - either with magic or arrows. 

When he comes in to attack, roll through them and then get behind the boss to get a few strikes in. Then back away, hit him with a few ranged attacks and then roll through the boss’ strikes to repeat the process. The main thing is to be aware of is that you can stun the boss and get in several attacks without him retaliating. The safest time to roll through is when he does his horizontal slash, so use that to your advantage and don’t get greedy.

Penetrator Archstone 1-4 walkthrough 

This next section is extremely tough, due to a few difficult enemies and a giant Blue Dragon that blocks your path with fire. Start by moving into the open area ahead and you’ll come to three Black Phantoms. If you’ve got the Thief’s Ring, they won’t bother you, but make sure you isolate them to take them out one at a time if you so choose. Take the path to the right of them, up the steps and again - isolate your enemies here.

At the top, you’ll get a glimpse of the dragon. The key to getting by is to run as soon as you see the Fat Official ahead take damage from its fire. Then run past him - and his buddy behind him - to safety in the building ahead. Kill the Crystal Gekko, and then go up the steps to reach the dragon. Here, you can fire arrows at it to lower its health to around 40%, so bring around 150 arrows with you to do that. Once you’ve damaged it enough, it’ll fly up to the castle behind it.

Make your way to the stairs and you’ll see the dragon perched along the outside of the castle. To get up safely, stand behind the second pillar on your right and wait for the dragon to shoot two bursts of fire. A second after the second burst commences, run up the steps while sticking to the right side. Do not stop until you’ve made it inside.

Once inside, turn around and you can lock onto the dragon, so use more arrows or magic to take it out here. After it's dead, you won’t have to deal with its flames ever again, so take the time to eliminate it. Then, turn around and head up the steps that lead to Ostrava and his Black Phantom behind him. Take him out by backstabbing or pushing him off the ledge, and then use the elevator to reach the next boss. 

One thing to keep in mind at this point: After you’ve defeated all the main bosses, you’ll no longer be able to upgrade your character with the Maiden in Black, so take this time to grind and level up before reaching the end game.

Old King Allant

This boss can be partially cheesed. If you equip the Thief’s Ring and stay where you are after you cross the fog, you can fire arrows at the Old King without him even coming towards you. Aim at his head above the steps and you’ll do slight damage. 

The problem is that each arrow slightly pushes the boss back and eventually, you won’t be able to see him. However, you can do this to get him down to around half health. After that, use the walls by the steps to guard yourself from most of his attacks. Then run up, get a few strikes in, and back away. 

Be careful of his massive explosion attack, which requires you to pretty much be on the opposite end of the arena to avoid. He’ll dart toward you, so roll through it, get a few attacks in and back away to repeat the process. You can also strike him in between close range melee attacks, but this is risky as he can suck your soul level away. Try not to get greedy and play it safe to eliminate this boss. 

King Allant boss

At this point, after you return to the Nexus, the Maiden in Black will open up a path below, leading to the final section of the game. You should know that after you defeat the boss, you’ll automatically be sent to NG+, so be sure to explore and get everything else finished before starting the fight.

When you’re ready, take the path ahead and start the easiest fight in the game. To defeat the boss, get behind it, strike it a few times, and then back away to recover stamina. Then approach, get a few more attacks in and repeat. You can also use ranged attacks to defeat it easily.

After it’s dead, withdraw the Soulbrandt - which can be used to form the Northern Regalia. Kill the Maiden in Black, traverse the fog and you’ll reach the end credits. And with that, you’ll be finished with Demon’s Souls!

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