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FIFA 21 guide: Everything you need to climb to the top in Ultimate Team, Career Mode, Volta, and beyond

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There's no shame in using a FIFA 21 guide. The latest football title from EA Sports is chock full of content, from the ever-popular Ultimate Team to the much-improved Career Mode and everything in-between. There is a lot to get your thumbs stuck into in FIFA 21, especially if you're new to the series or you've been on a bit of a break for the last few years. Read on for our complete FIFA 21 guide and walkthrough, to help you become a FIFA legend.

FIFA 21 review

Kicking things off is our full FIFA 21 review which covers every mode in the game, what works and what doesn't. The TL;DR is that while it improves upon last year's instalment, there's still work to be done for the series going forward, especially when it comes to Ultimate Team. Career Mode, on the other hand, has seen some solid additions.

FIFA 21 tips

First up on the guides front is our general FIFA 21 tips, which covers a lot of different aspects. Tips on how to shoot, where to practice free kicks, formations to use, we've got it all covered here, whether you're a FIFA veteran who has been playing since the good ol' days of Beckham on the cover or you're a football newbie getting involved for the first time this year.

FIFA 21 patch notes

As is the case with every game these days, FIFA 21 will receive plenty of patches throughout the year as gameplay tweaks are made and things are updated, from tweaks to shooting and passing to player upgrades, downgrades, and the like. We've got all the latest FIFA 21 patch notes in our dedicated article.

FIFA 21 best teams

If you want to know what the FIFA 21 best teams are to manage in Career Mode or the strongest teams to play as to destroy your mates, have a read of our best teams guide. We've got a few curveballs in there too, like a certain newly-promoted Premier League club and a team that has just entered the football league.

FIFA 21 ratings

Want to know who the top 100 players are in the game? We've got you covered with our guide to FIFA 21 ratings. Spoiler: Messi, Ronaldo, Kevin De Bruyne, Neymar, and Mbappe all feature, but there are some surprise players in the full list that will be worth signing in Ultimate Team or Career Mode.

FIFA 21 women ratings

Alongside the top 100 rated male players, we've also got the top FIFA 21 women ratings. Rapinoe, Bronze, and Renard all make the list, so if you're playing some women's matches, you know which players to utilise.

FIFA 21 celebrations

Using the right FIFA 21 celebrations is absolutely key to your success in FIFA 21, especially when playing online. Get inside the head of your opponent by doing a Maupay and crying in front of the camera or throw up the peace sign to show you don't have any ill will. Alternatively, you can just do the dead fish on the floor. No dabbing anymore though, as it has been removed.

FIFA 21 player faces

The list of FIFA starheads is constantly being updated and for FIFA 21, some big names like Bruno Fernandes and Erling Haaland look reborn. This guide has all of the big name FIFA 21 player faces, although there are still a significant number of players that miss out.

FIFA 21 stadiums

When it comes to FIFA 21 stadiums there's a boatload to choose from. Our guide covers all of the big name additions like Portland Timbers and Union Berlin, although there is one big name Premier League club that has missed out and the fans are not happy.

FIFA 21 Juventus

If you didn't play FIFA last year, you'll have missed out on the news that Juventus are nowhere to be seen. That's the case once again and we've got the information on why FIFA 21 Juventus are known as Piemonte Calcio in FIFA 21. AS Roma have also been renamed to Roma FC, but that one's much easier to figure out.

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team guide

If you're a FUT player, make sure you read up on all the new information and features coming to FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. Fitness cards are gone, more icons have been added, you can customise your stadium, the menus have changed, you can play online co-op, there are community events... the list goes on.

FIFA 21 coins

Making some dollarydoos is crucial to succeeding in Ultimate Team, so we're here to help with some top tips on earning FIFA 21 coins. Whether you just want to accumulate a few hundred thousand to build a respectable squad or you've got your sights set on a Messi/Ronaldo/Mbappe hybrid, we can help you generate the funds.

FIFA 21 kits

Kitting out your squad is highly important if you want to look smart on the pitch, so check out our guide to the best FIFA 21 kits. FIFA fashion is absolutely a real thing, so have a look at some of the shirts we rate highly, including a certain Premier League club's third kit that looks somewhat inspired by another team's home kit...

FIFA 21 icons

FIFA 21 icons are back once again and there are even more of them in Ultimate Team now, from Cantona to Henry to Shevchenko. Here's the full list so you can work out who you want to add to your team, although even the lowest rated icons will set you back a pretty penny.

FIFA 21 chemistry styles

Chemistry styles are a crucial part of Ultimate Team, because they give your players some much needed stat boosts. We've got the full list of FIFA 21 chemistry styles so you know which ones to use on your players. Spoiler: the answer isn't Shadow on all your defenders and Hunter on all your forwards, as tempting as it may seem.

FIFA 21 web app tips

Using the web app is a great way to continue making money while not actually playing FIFA 21 and we've got some FIFA 21 web app tips on how to make the most of the browser companion to the game. Don't blame us if you get caught making a small fortune while at your day job, however!

FIFA 21 loyalty glitch

If you want to complete some of the trickier squad building challenges in Ultimate Team, you need to have loyalty on your players. That can take a long time though, so use this nifty FIFA 21 loyalty glitch to gain loyalty quickly. It's simple to do and is much quicker than playing 10 full matches with a team of players you're only going to submit in an SBC anyway.

FIFA 21 Volta

Volta is back for FIFA 21 and we've got all you need to know about how the FIFA 21 Volta mode has been improved since last year. It's more responsive, there's a narrative-focused storyline including some football legends, and more.


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