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Iconic Games Now Handheld On The Steam Deck

TheGamer 9/26/2022 Chris Birsner
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While not necessarily Valve's first step into the hardware race, the Steam Deck appears to be one of the most popular products the company has ever made. This has a lot to do with the handheld's ability to play almost anything available on the Steam store and then some.

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Because of how unique this device is, games that were once stuck on either PC or non-handheld consoles are portable for the first time ever. This includes some of the greatest games ever made, which is exciting for those who prefer to have their gaming experiences on the go.

Dishonored 2

Arkane Studios is known for creating some of the most innovative and deep gameplay experiences that the industry has ever seen. While the developer has a solid catalog to choose from, it is hard not to argue that Dishonored 2 is their best work to finally be available on handheld.

Set years after the first game, you can choose to play as original protagonist Corvo or his daughter Emily after she loses her claim to the throne to an evil witch. The game allows you to take on missions in whatever way you want to, such as ruthlessly killing everyone or silently taking down people without killing them.

Marvel's Spider-Man

There is nothing like being able to swing endlessly above the streets of New York City in Marvel's Spider-Man. Being able to do it on Steam Deck is even more special, given the fact it's such a gorgeous game that would otherwise struggle to perform on other handheld devices.

As Peter Parker, you're tasked with taking on a resurgence of mob violence when catastrophe hits. The story is filled to the brim with villains both new and old and side characters that are both a delight to get to know and potentially also play as. Plus, Spider-Man himself has plenty of abilities and gadgets to try out and evolve as the game goes on.

Fallout: New Vegas

While some games are not quite verified on the Steam Deck just yet, tinkering around with the device and the game itself could get it functioning well enough for long-term play. One notable game that's playable but not verified is Fallout: New Vegas.

This classic RPG spin-off developed by Obsidian features the Courier, whose goal of delivering a package is stopped after he is robbed, shot, and left for dead in a grave. The game revolves around trying to find the person who did this while also stumbling upon other stories and adventures.

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

Hideo Kojima is a beloved figure in the video games industry because of the truly special experiences he and his teams have crafted over the years. A game that is verified to play on the Steam Deck and is widely considered among the best entries in his most iconic series is Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain.

Set in the year 1984, The Phantom Pain follows the events of its prologue, as Punished "Venom" Snake seeks revenge against the people who destroyed the Militaries Sans Frontières with the help of a new group of mercenaries, the Diamond Dogs. Just like previous entries, the game leans heavily into stealth and provides a variety of methods for you to tackle each mission.

Final Fantasy 14

One of the most popular genres of video game to play on PC is massive multiplayer online games. And when it comes to the current crop of MMORPGs that currently take up that space, you can't find one any bigger right now than Final Fantasy 14.

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While it is not verified on Steam Deck, the Square Enix juggernaut can be tinkered with to make sure you can have as good of an experience as possible logging in on the handheld. As the popular memes have pointed out, if you are new to the game, you can experience a demo version up to level 60.

God Of War

Including Marvel's Spider-Man, PlayStation has turned a corner in recent years when it comes to exclusivity. More and more, the console giant has been porting its games to PC and allowing a whole new audience to experience their first-party lineup. One of their biggest games to come to PC is God of War.

The 2018 reboot stars Kratos as he deals with the death of his wife and takes on having more of a role in the life of his son, Atreus. The duo live in Midgard, meaning they will need to fight enemies loosely based on Norse mythology. The game is fully verified on Steam Deck, though the graphical intensity may decrease frame rate.

Grand Theft Auto 5

Despite having many ports over the years, Grand Theft Auto 5 has never made it to a handheld device until the Steam Deck made it possible to explore the world of Los Santos beyond consoles and a normal PC.

The latest entry in the series features three protagonists as they work together to make money for themselves and attempt to escape the pressure that both the government and various mercenary groups put on them throughout the story. The game is playable, but isn't verified, as the Steam page warns that there may be some graphical issues.

Mass Effect

We are in an age where story-driven epics are among the biggest games in the industry. One of the greatest examples of this is the Mass Effect trilogy, which was recently remastered and released under the name Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

The series follows Commander Shepard as they attempt to lead a force that tries to take down Reapers who are threatening the destruction of the Milky Way galaxy. While all three games were released on Windows and consoles, none of them released on handheld. It may not be verified, but the full trilogy is playable on Steam Deck through the Legendary Edition.

Elden Ring

Another developer that has been widely beloved over the years is FromSoftware for their unique takes on action RPGs. And while these games have always been popular, the developer had its biggest release yet in Elden Ring.

This open-world fantasy adventure focuses on your journey to become the new Elden lord. The game is known for allowing you to explore and take on the world in any order you want, especially for those who are looking for an early challenge or avoid major difficulty out of the gate. Despite being such a large game, it is fully verified for the Steam Deck.

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