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iFixit’s Steam Deck repair guides and parts are live (but the best pieces are MIA)

The Verge logo The Verge 5/23/2022 Sean Hollister

Need to fix your Valve Steam Deck handheld gaming PC? iFixit is selling official parts for practically every piece of the console — and after accidentally putting those components up for sale on Saturday, it’s now pushed most of the collection (and a large collection of repair guides) live for everyone.

Unfortunately, it looks like you won’t be able to buy some of the most desirable items if you click right now. The motherboard and daughterboards are MIA (if you were hoping to build a FrankenDeck), the fan and screens are out of stock (sorry, upgraders), there aren’t any thumbsticks left, and iFixit only has a literal armful of the Steam Deck’s plastic case halves last we checked.

Video: Here’s Why The Steam Deck Needs a Better Screen (Kotaku)

Here’s the whole list of parts that iFixit is planning to stock in the near term:

Again, iFixit doesn’t have a solution for battery replacement yet, noting in a new blog post that the Steam Deck’s glued-in-place battery makes repairs there difficult.

If you do crack open your Deck, please note that one important warning seems to be missing from iFixit’s guides: don’t forget to remove your microSD card before you open it. Some people have accidentally sheared their cards in half while trying to pull open the snap-apart case, which is otherwise quite easy to open with eight small Phillips-head screws plus some plastic clips you’ll need to pop it open with a plastic pry tool.

We’ve asked iFixit about its supply of parts, and we’ll let you know what we hear.


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