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Insider Claims Several Unannounced PlayStation Games Are “Pretty Much Ready”

TheGamer 5/26/2023 George Foster
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An insider has claimed that many of the PlayStation games that we’re waiting to get revealed and shown off are “pretty much ready”, despite not showing up at the PlayStation Showcase.

After nearly two years of waiting, PlayStation finally gave fans exactly what they wanted earlier this week - a new PlayStation Showcase. Despite including some big games like Spider-Man 2, Metal Gear Solid Delta: Peace Walker, and Alan Wake 2, the general consensus is that the showcase was a big disappointment, especially compared to how big previous showcases have been.

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The main issue with the showcase was that PlayStation simply didn't show enough of its exclusives. We only saw Spider-Man 2, Marathon and two CG trailers for multiplayer projects, with many expected studios and games being complete no-shows. While it's not clear why PlayStation chose to focus on third-party games instead of getting fans excited about its first-party offerings, it seems that development on these games is at least progressing well.

That's according to Insider Gaming's Tom Henderson, who shared a feature following the showcase suggesting that PlayStation needs to have a second showcase at some point in the year to make up for this lacklustre one. In the feature, Henderson comments on the fact that several games that were expected to show up and get revealed simply weren't there, noting that it's understood that many of the titles are nearly finished.

Henderson said, "Updates and reveals on PlayStation’s new hardware, in addition to focusing solely on 1st party titles would be the showcase that PlayStation needs to set up the next phase. It’s understood that a lot of the games we’re waiting on seeing are pretty much ready, so I’m not sure why Sony decided to wait this time around."

It's not made clear in Henderson's report which games are "pretty much ready", but there are a few expected titles that come to mind. The Last of Us' untitled Factions sequel, which has been in since at least The Last of Us Part 2 finished development and likely even longer considering it was cut from that game, was an incredibly noticeable no-show. Hopefully, Henderson's comments apply to that and we get to see it soon.

Another game that Henderson's comment possibly applies to is Ghost of Tsushima 2 which, despite not being formally confirmed to be in development by Sucker Punch or PlayStation, was another noticeable no-show at the Showcase, as many expected it to finally be announced. It seems unlikely that the sequel is "pretty much ready" considering it's not been revealed, but it's possible that it's further along than we thought.

PlayStation not including these titles in the Showcase despite them reportedly nearly being finished does seem to suggest that there's going to be a shorter window between games being revealed and them being announced.

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