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Latest trailer for controversial MMO The Day Before continues to leave hundreds of thousands of fans skeptical

GamesRadar logo GamesRadar 1/5/2023 Dustin Bailey
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The Day Before has gotten an impressive trailer showing off its ray tracing features, but with only two months left until the highly-anticipated survival MMO's launch, fans remain skeptical about whether the game can deliver on its promise.

You can check out the new trailer for yourself below. Debuting as part of graphics card maker Nvidia's CES 2023 show, the "4K RTX On Gameplay Reveal" trailer does, as promised, show off The Day Before's ray-tracing features, with impressive shadows, lighting, and reflections throughout. But there's not much of that 'gameplay' stuff, and that's been a cause for concern for fans leading up to the game's March 1 release date.

The Day Before went viral in early 2021 thanks to a five-minute gameplay demo which, despite pulling from the worst of awkwardly-voiced E3-style co-op demos, presented an impressive combination of The Division-like team versus team battles and a Last of Us-like grounded apocalypse setting. It quickly became one of the most-wishlisted games on Steam, with over 200,000 followers.

Originally scheduled to launch in June 2022, the game was delayed to March 2023 as the devs moved to Unreal Engine 5. A few months after the delay was announced, developer Fntastic noted that it was looking for "volunteers" to aid development.

Between controversy over the volunteer program, poor response to updates for Fntastic's previous game Propnight, and a lack of substantial new information since that initial gameplay demo, The Day Before's hundreds of thousands of prospective fans have grown increasingly skeptical that the game can deliver on its promise. You can browse the YouTube comments or the Steam forums for yourself if you want to judge the tone of the conversation, but the post currently at the top of the game's subreddit might say all you need to know.

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