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Street Fighter 6: Frequently Asked Questions (Crossplay, Release Time & DLC)

GameRant 5/26/2023 Tom Bowen
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Street Fighter is one of the most influential fighting game series of all time, with Street Fighter 2 having helped to define the genre back in the early nineties. With this in mind, it's not too surprising to see so many people excited for the popular franchise's latest installment, with Street Fighter 6 the first of several big fighting games to be releasing in 2023.

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Fans of the franchise will likely have a pretty good idea of what to expect already, but those who are new to the world of Street Fighter may have a few questions about Street Fighter 6. Whether they're keen to find out more about the game's exact release time or curious about whether or not the game will support crossplay, this guide aims to tackle some of the more frequently asked questions.

Street Fighter 6: Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When will Street Fighter 6 be released?

Street Fighter 6 will be releasing on June 2, 2023.

Q: What time can I start playing Street Fighter 6?

Players will be able to start playing Street Fighter 6 at midnight on June 2, local time.

Q: Can I play Street Fighter 6 early?

Unlike a lot of other modern games, there are no early access options for Street Fighter 6. That said, there is a demo available and there were several open and closed betas in the weeks and months leading up to the game's release.

Q: Can I preload Street Fighter 6?

Those who pre-order Street Fighter 6 will be able to download the game ahead of the official release date, though they'll still need to wait until June 2 before they can play it. On PlayStation, preloading will be available from May 31, while PC players will be able to start downloading the game from June 1.

Q: What is the file size for Street Fighter 6?

Early estimates suggest that the initial filesize for Street Fighter 6 is somewhere between 50 and 60 GB. However, this will likely increase over time as more and more patches and updates for the game are released.

Q: What platforms will Street Fighter 6 be available on?

Street Fighter 6 will be available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, and PC. The game will also receive an arcade release in Japan.

Q: Does Street Fighter 6 support crossplay?

Street Fighter 6 boasts full crossplay support, meaning that players on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC can all play together.

Q: How many playable characters are there in Street Fighter 6?

Capcom revealed 18 playable characters in the buildup to the release of Street Fighter 6, these being Cammy, Lily, Zangief, JP, Marisa, Manon, Dee Jay, E.Honda, Dhalsim, Blanka, Ken, Juri, Kimberly, Guile, Chun-LI, Jamie, Luke, and Ryu.

Q: Will there be DLC characters?

Like most other modern fighting games, Street Fighter 6 will be getting new DLC characters in the months and years following its release. A.K.I., Rashid, Ed, and Akuma will be coming in year one, with more likely to follow after that.

Q: Which version of Street Fighter 6 should I buy?

Those purchasing Street Fighter 6 digitally will have a few different options. The standard edition offers a few pre-order bonuses such as outfits, titles, and stickers, while the Deluxe edition includes a few more outfits and the Year 1 Character Pass, the latter of which will grant access to four DLC characters. Finally, there's the Ultimate edition, which comes with everything found in the previous two versions as well as special outfits for four more characters.

Q: Will Street Fighter 6 have an Arcade mode?

Unlike Street Fighter 5, Street Fighter 6 will have a traditional Arcade mode from launch. There are several other modes available as well, including Fighting Ground mode and the all-new World Tour mode.

Q: Will Street Fighter 6 be coming to last-gen consoles?

Although Street Fighter 6 will be available on the PS4 from launch, there's no indication that it will be coming to the Nintendo Switch or the Xbox One at this time.

Q: Does Street Fighter 6 support local multiplayer?

As with most other modern fighting games, Street Fighter 6 will support two-player local co-op using a shared screen configuration. While playing online, players can party up with up to fifteen other players depending on which game mode they're playing.

Q: Is Street Fighter 6 a PlayStation exclusive?

Unlike Street Fighter 5, which was only available on PlayStation and PC, Street Fighter 6 will also be available on Xbox. However, the game will not be available on last-gen Xbox consoles at launch, meaning that some Xbox One owners will miss out.

Q: Does Street Fighter 6 run at 4K 60 fps?

The PS5 and Xbox Series versions of Street Fighter 6 will run at 4K and target 60 fps. Those playing on the PS4 Pro will have to settle for 1440P, while anyone still using the base version of the PS4 will be limited to 1080P.

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