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Tears Of The Kingdom Update 1.1.2 Finally Nerfs The Item Duplication Glitch

DualShockers logo DualShockers 5/26/2023 Mohamed Hassan
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Nintendo has released a new update for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (Ver. 1.1.2), and several fans are reporting that the infamous item duplication glitch (or glitches) has been totally sealed off.

We have previously reported on the existence of item duplication glitches before, and our Hamza has been kind enough to write a detailed guide on the simplest and most accessible one. This glitch has been making the rounds lately as it was 100% working on the latest version of the game (ver 1.1.1), but it seems that Nintendo has taken notice of this recent popularity and decided to put an end to it.

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Several users such as @necrolipe and @iPeer confirm that none of the glitches are working for them anymore, and not only that, but it appears that all previously duplicated items are now being removed retroactively, according to @zeltmrw's observation. Several Reddit users are also corroborating the same thing, and others report that deleting a game's data and running it again from the cartridge may render any current save incompatible until the user updates their game (a sort of downgrade protection, as Bcoop98 calls it).

Given the circumstances, fans will have to resort to more traditional methods of grinding for Rupees, and our Christina has listed some of these tried and true ways to make some quick cash. The first and fastest method is to fight enemy bosses all over Hyrule and sell the items they drop in shops. You can also get rare items from caves and sell them for good prices (or sell the amber you get to Ramella in the Goron Lands for extra rupees, as she loves it a ton).

Austin John Plays also adds some creative ways to farm for money, such as offering apples to cherry blossom trees to reveal all the cave locations around you, finding the location of the new Don Don species and their gem drops, cooking items and doubling their value, as well as other useful notes on what farming methods were nerfed in Breath of the Wild and how things are changing here and what habits players should adopt in their farming journey.

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