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1 Minor Squid Game Character Is A Perfect Prequel Lead

ScreenRant logo ScreenRant 4/1/2023 Angel Shaw
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One minor Squid Game character is unlikely to serve a greater purpose in the show's future seasons, but they could provide the perfect lead for a prequel. Since the series began streaming on Netflix, audiences have been intrigued by the inner workings of the brutal Squid Game. This includes how the various workers came to be a part of this world that brings desperate souls to a secluded island to compete to the death for cash. Of course, these questions will likely be answered to an extent in Squid Game's future seasons. Still, a spin-off prequel series could go even further in-depth—but the right lead is a must.

Squid Game season 1 saw Gi-hun choose to enter the games after he signed his physical rights away due to his massive debt. This was the nature of the competition created by Oh Il-nam and the other VIPS—to lure financially desperate people in, all for the sake of entertainment. The system is meticulously run down to even the player recruitment method—the tile game Gi-hun had to win to receive a Squid Game business card. This moment was among the most curious regarding the game's inner workings and left audiences intrigued about the character at its focus.

The Squid Game Recruiter Should Star In A Prequel Series

The man who recruited Gi-hun in Squid Game, sometimes called "The Salesman," was the first point of contact for prospective contestants. Since his job was to lure desperate individuals into what is likely to be their death, he should be despised. However, his friendly demeanor and ever-smiling face make him seem trustworthy and likable, even when he was repeatedly smacking Gi-hun across the face. Altogether, he was a fascinating character and one that audiences have been hoping to learn more about in Squid Game season 2. Still, given the magnetic draw to his character, he may be perfect for a more significant role.

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With the success of Squid Game, it would be no surprise if spin-offs were to start popping up after a couple more seasons. One of the most promising of these would be a prequel, which would provide insight into the behind-the-scenes of the brutal events. A Front Man prequel has been heavily requested, but as a more prominent character, questions regarding how he became Oh Il-nam's right-hand man are likely to be answered in future Squid Game seasons. However, as someone who has little to do with the central plot of Gi-hun's story, the Salesman could be the perfect character to draw interest in something new.

A Recruiter Prequel Could Double As A Squid Game Origin Story

Squid Game season 1 introduced Oh Il-nam, the old man credited with creating the games. He started these events in the 1980s, so it's unlikely that the recruiter (who is played by 43-year-old actor Gong Yoo) would have been involved with the early games. However, if a spin-off were to dive into the cult-like structure of Il-nam's legacy, the character could be the perfect starting place. The prequel could follow how the mysterious man wound up working for Il-nam, how he developed his trust, and when he ended up free to work in the real world without a masked disguise.

As the Salesman's story is told, he could continue to learn more about Il-nam, the Squid Game's inception, and perhaps even have a hand in how the competition evolved into what audiences saw during the Squid Game of season 1. The character would be something of an antihero—someone that audiences can't help but love because of his charisma and inviting smile, even as they see him do terrible things to build his boss' trust. It would be the perfect way to continue some of the series' overarching themes—for example, that money brings out a person's true nature.

Why The Recruiter Won’t Have A Bigger Part In Squid Game (But Could In A Prequel)

With the unexpected interest in the recruiter character, several fan theories have evolved that would put him in a far more critical position with the games than it would appear. One theory indicated that the tile game that the Salesman played with Gi-hun doubled as a way to choose workers for the Squid Game. The idea here is that if a prospective player chose the blue tile as Gi-hun did, they would become a blue-clad contestant in the game. However, if they chose the red tile, they would become a guard.

Squid Game's director, Hwang Dong-hyuk, shut this theory down (via Forbes) and clarified that the Salesman is nothing more than a regular worker trusted enough by Il-nam to work in the outside world. Therefore, it's unlikely that the character will be revealed to have a bigger part in the games in future seasons. However, there is clearly something gripping about this individual that causes him to stand out in audiences' minds. Therefore, if Squid Game were to receive a spin-off prequel series, the recruiter might just be a perfect choice to lead it.


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