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10 Strongest Pixar Love Interests, Ranked

CBR logo CBR 5/19/2022 Tara Quinn
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While the hugely popular Disney Pixar movies are usually focused on the characters going on a journey, coming of age, or learning to understand one another, romantic relationships also play a huge role in many of the movies' narratives.

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Like with Walt Disney Animation Studios movies, fans have fallen in love with the romances which are either established from the beginning or grow throughout the film. Attempting to provide families with positive messages by showing what a healthy relationship can look like, many Pixar couples come across as stable, loving, and strong partnerships between two people who understand each other.

Mike Wazowski Loves Celia Mae But Doesn't Always Show It (Monsters Inc)

Although it's clear Mike and Celia care about each other a lot, their relationship in Monster Inc. seems to be built on a foundation of lies. Throughout the movie, Mike spends a lot of time choosing Sully and Boo over Celia, but doesn't explain why, leaving her feeling bad about herself. When the truth finally comes out, Celia Mae forgives Mike. The chemistry between the two is obvious, and their relationship appears strong enough to overcome arguments — even if the two aren't always on the same page.

Sally Gave Lightning Something To Care About Outside Of Racing (Cars)

When Lightning McQueen gets lost and stuck in a town called Radiator Springs, the only thing on his mind is how to quickly escape the small town and get back to the racetrack. What he doesn't expect to happen is to meet a community of cars who he grows to care about. One of those cars is Sally, the attorney of Radiator Springs. Despite their initial differences and playful arguments, Sally and Lightning grow to truly enjoy each other's company and value each other as cars.

Woody And Bo Peep Were Committed To Andy (Toy Story)

Many viewers have argued that Bo Peep is given little in the way of character or development in the first three Toy Story movies, and instead serves simply as Woody's devoted love interest. However, she truly comes into her own in Toy Story 4, being a strong, powerful character in her own right.

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Bo Peep has strong morals, giving Woody the benefit of the doubt after the others are convinced he hurt Buzz. Similarly, Woody has strong beliefs that he stays committed to, making them a great match in that aspect.

Queen Elinor And King Fergus Are A Great Team (Brave)

King Fergus and Queen Elinor form a strong team as rulers and as parents. While the Queen can come across as strict and a little controlling, Fergus is more easygoing and enjoys having fun with his children. Although the Queen is turned into a bear, and Fergus doesn't believe Merida when she tells him the bear is her mother, it's clear the duo deeply care about each other. Having his wife back, safe and unharmed, comes as a great relief to Fergus, who loves her and needs her by his side.

Barbie And Ken Were Made For Each Other (Toy Story 3)

Ken and Barbie were quite literally created for each other and even though they didn't meet until Toy Story 3, they hit it off straight away. Ken and Barbie bonded over their shared love of fashion and fun, forming a strong foundation from the beginning. Although Ken initially sided with Lotso, he made a big sacrifice in an attempt to get Lotso to spare Barbie. Ken changed for the better to be with Barbie and the two became the classic couple they were always designed to be.

Mr. And Mrs. Potato Head Balance Each Other Out (Toy Story)

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head act like a typical old married couple. While Mrs. Potato Head can come on a little strong — being slightly overbearing and controlling — she helps keep Mr. Potato Head organized and get to where he should be when he forgets things. The two argue, but they also make it clear how much they care for each other and understand each other completely. Throughout the Toy Story movies, they remain strong and count on each other throughout the journeys they experience together.

Hector And Imelda Rivera Find Each Other Again (Coco)

When they were alive, Hector and Imelda were deeply in love, bonding over their shared love of music. The two had a daughter together, Coco. When Hector went on the road, touring his music, Imelda believed he had left them for good. In reality, Hector was murdered by his partner Ernesto for wanting to return to his family.

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It took many years, and Miguel's help, but the duo reunited in the Land of the Dead and cleared up any misunderstandings between them. Hector and Imelda realized they still loved one another and could finally be together in death, something that was taken away from them in life.

Wall-E And Eve Showed Their Love With Their Actions (Wall-E)

Wall-E is a beautiful story of a lonely robot who just wants companionship, which he manages to find after many, many years, with Eve. Eve initially considers Wall-E an annoyance, as he often distracts her from trying to achieve her directive. However, Eve grows to care for Wall-E when she sees how willing he is to help her and stay by her side. The two go on a transformative journey together, realizing that there is more to life than just mindlessly fulfilling orders, and develop an adorable connection.

Bob And Helen Parr Fight For Each Other (The Incredibles)

As any parents do, Bob and Helen Parr argue over family struggles. However, this situation is heightened by the fact that the entire Parr family possesses superpowers. While they struggle with day-to-day tasks, as Mr. and Mrs. Incredible, Bob and Helen risk their lives on multiple occasions to save each other and keep their family out of harm's way. Not only are they both physically strong and capable of protecting each other, but they understand what they're both going through — building a strong support system, and fighting for a happy family together.

Carl And Ellie Were Soulmates (Up)

Carl and Ellie Fredricksen found each other in childhood and were inseparable, finding love up until Ellie's tragic death. One of the most beautiful yet heartbreaking scenes in all of Pixar is the montage that shows Carl and Ellie's life together, full of love but also full of struggle. From the couple's unluckiness in having a baby to constant repairs needed on their home to hospital visits and finally Ellie's death, the couple stayed by each other's side, willingly supporting one another. Carl's misery during the years following Ellie's death just proves how much they were each other's whole world. Although Up ends happily, it would have been nice to have Ellie and Carl experience the journey together.


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