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10 Things Jaafar Jackson Must Master About His Uncle In The Michael Jackson Biopic

CBR 2/14/2023 Sean Bassett
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Affectionately known as "The King Of Pop," Michael Jackson was one of the biggest influences in 90s music. The global superstar contributed some of American pop's catchiest tunes, from "Billie Jean" to "The Man In The Mirror." His extraordinary life is about to be the subject of a biopic, starring Michael Jackson's nephew Jaafar Jackson in the lead role, leading many fans to share their thoughts on how he could portray the perfect tribute to his uncle.

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With Michael Jackson having established a larger-than-life demeanor during his time as a singer, Jaafar Jackson will have some incredibly huge shoes to fill. Michael Jackson's nephew would be wise to master these iconic aspects about his uncle to most accurately convey the King of Pop's exaggerated style.

The He-Hes Are Synonymous With Michael Jackson's Work

Throughout his many recordings, Michael Jackson established a few unusual quirks. One of the most prominent in his musical numbers is his tendency to exclaim he-he, which Jaafar Jackson would do well to mimic in his upcoming role.

Michael Jackson's he-he's are synonymous with the star's work, becoming a clear establishing factor of his musical style. The singer also became known for proclaiming "Ow!" numerous times during his recordings, which Jaafar would need to copy to fully recreate his uncle's signature mannerisms.

The Thriller Dance Is An Essential Requirement For Jaafar Jackson

During his illustrious career, Michael Jackson created many fun and vibrant videos, which easily rival some of Weird Al's best music videos. Arguably his most famous was "Thriller," which featured a magnificent dance sequence. Jaafar Jackson will have a Herculean task to capture his uncle's excellent dance moves.

Since releasing in 1983, the "Thriller" music video has thrilled audiences with its expertly choreographed routine. Michael Jackson's dancing is creepy and mesmerizing, as he plays a werewolf who terrorizes his girlfriend during a full moon. As one of Michael Jackson's best-known dances, it is essential that Jaafar Jackson authentically recreates this timeless classic.

Jaafar Must Encapsuate His Uncle's Unique Singing Voice

Michael Jackson's music has spanned generations, with listeners of all demographics greatly enjoying his snappy melodies. A large part of the appeal is Michael Jackson's unique singing voice, which seems wildly different from any other singer, past and present. As Michael Jackson's vocals have become instantly recognizable, Jaafar Jackson will need to work hard to capture his uncle's essence.

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In tracks such as "Beat It" and "Bad," Michael Jackson's voice conveys a fast and chaotic feel, as he sings about "funky" fights and engaging in criminal behavior. His songs also have a soulful feel, in releases including "Earth Song" and "They Don't Care About Us," as Michael Jackson sings about issues close to his heart, such as climate change and racial prejudice. Jaafar Jackson's music for the biopic must encapsulate Jackson's upbeat nature and his more heartfelt musings to properly reflect his uncle's singing career.

Jaafar Must Convey Michael Jackson's Compassionate Nature

Although Michael Jackson was most famous for his pop records, he also completed a lot of charity work. Perhaps inspired by some of the kindest cartoon protagonists, Michael Jackson's charitable endeavors are an essential aspect of his personality. His nephew must, therefore, make this a priority when portraying his uncle.

Michael Jackson displayed an extremely kind heart. Among his most notable contributions are his decision to pay for a young child's liver transplant, and his visits to the Great Ormond Street Hospital, where he helped to comfort the young patients. Michael Jackson's deep compassion for those less fortunate is something that Jaafar would be wise to convey in his biopic.

Jaafar Must Showcase Michael Jackson's "Show Must Go On" Attitude

Although he was somewhat childlike, Michael Jackson greatly valued his professionalism. A man committed to his craft, the singer showed an impressive dedication to his career, which Jaafar Jackson's performance must convey.

One such example of Michael Jackson's determination came in 1993, which saw him attend the Soul Train Awards telecast with a knee injury. Despite his injury leaving him wheelchair-bound, Michael Jackson still chose to perform a spectacular musical number. His "Show must go on" attitude reflects how important music was to the late musician and is a vital aspect of his personality that Jaafar must showcase.

His Relationship With Children Must Be Shown In Jaafar's Portrayal

As with television, which has generated some of the most mature kid characters, Michael Jackson developed a fondness for children throughout his career. This saw him develop a youthful fan base, which Jaafar Jackson's biopic must feature if they hope to accurately represent the music icon.

Michael Jackson achieved success at a considerably young age, and as a result, the singer spent much of his time trying to live the childhood that he lost. His close bond with children saw him undertake several sleepovers with kids, and he granted them free rein in his Neverland theme park. Michael Jackson's fatherly love for the children he encountered is one of the most essential requirements for Jaafar's performance.

His Leaning At Impossible Angles Is An Important Aspect Of The Singer's Career

Michael Jackson's dancing became almost as iconic as his singing during his long career, with its rather unusual style captivating viewers. Chief among his most famous dance techniques is how he would lean at impossible angles. Jaafar Jackson may have a difficult time recreating this move, but it is an important aspect of the singer nonetheless.

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Perhaps the most notorious "leaning" moment is the music video to "Smooth Criminal." Michael Jackson drops surprisingly close to the ground, yet remarkably leans back into position without hitting the floor. This seemingly implausible motion has become one of Michael Jackson's signature quirks, which Jaafar Jackson would do well to reproduce.

His Eccentricity Is One Of Michael Jackson's Mosy Fundamental Personality Traits

Michael Jackson's undeniably odd nature made him truly stand out among his peers, with the singer's strange decision to wear only one glove, and rather bizarre movie pitches capturing audiences' attention worldwide. If he is to succeed as his uncle, Jaafar would be wise to convey these unusual eccentricities.

Among the strangest moments in Michael Jackson's career is his decision to voice himself in The Simpsons, making him one of the show's most notorious musician guest stars. Before his untimely death, Jackson also had his heart set on creating a giant robot duplicate of himself, showing his wackier sides as one of his most fundamental personality traits.

His Relationship With Animals Is A Much-Needed Component

Among his love for music, animals were one of Michael Jackson's greatest passions. The singer ran his own zoo from 1994 to 2005, named Neverland. Jackson's sheer commitment and dedication to animals became an instrumental part of the King of Pop's life, making this a much-needed component for Jaafar Jackson's upcoming portrayal.

Neverland boasted a collection of at least 130 animals, including tigers, monkeys, and snakes. Perhaps the most beloved of his menagerie was his chimpanzee Bubbles, who Michael Jackson rescued from a cancer research clinic. Michael Jackson's faithful chimpanzee companion was never far from his side, and this weird friendship should prove crucial to Jaafar's take on Michael Jackson.

The Moonwalk Is A Cultural Phenomenon

The moonwalk is easily the biggest standout of Michael Jackson's pop stardom, a distinctly otherworldly dance move that took the world by storm. The moonwalk has become so intrinsically linked with the King of Pop that many have attempted to recreate this popular craze. Nevertheless, very few have come close to mastering the original's magic, and Jaafar may have his work cut out to take on this cultural phenomenon.

First performed on the TV Special Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever," the moonwalk is perhaps most closely associated with the song "Billie Jean," where the singer demonstrates the slick dance move. It is said to be inspired by another dance style, known as the "backslide," which was taught to Michael Jackson by professional dancer Derek Jaxson. The upcoming biopic will be Jafaar Jackson's turn to master this especially cool dance type.

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