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90 Day Fiancé Star Debbie Teases Gripping Ending To The Single Life

ScreenRant logo ScreenRant 11/22/2022 Jaye Hernández
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A 90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life fan recently met Debbie Johnson in person, who gave them a gripping teaser to share with viewers. 90 Day Fiancé franchise star Debbie first appeared on the reality TV show when her son Colt Johnson was in a relationship with his now ex-wife Larissa Lima. Though his first marriage didn't work out, Debbie joined the cast of the spin-off The Single Life to find a love of her own. Currently, she’s on the franchise searching for love for the second time. This season, her journey appears to be going well since she met Canadian man Tony.

The couple have spent less than a week together in total, but are convinced they are ready to take their relationship to the next level. Reddit user Quick_Wheel5855, recently met 90 Day Fiancé star Debbie in Portland along with Tony, proving the couple are still together. According to Quick_Wheel5855, they were on the way to their lunch break when they saw "Tony putting a cart away." The fan called out Debbie's name and was excited to see her turn around. The fan and star interacted for a few moments, and they took a picture together, which the Redditor shared. Before parting ways, Debbie told the fan to "keep watching the show" because "it gets good!"

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Met mother Debbie last week in Port Coquitlam BC! I was on my lunch break and I saw Tony putting a cart away, and Debbie was about to get in the car! I said "Debbie!?" And she turned around and said hello! She's such a sweetheart, and told me to keep watching this season because it gets good! from 90dayfianceuncensored

90 Day Fiancé's Debbie Johnson Is Head Over Heels In Love

The fan proudly posted a picture of their encounter and claimed Debbie was a "sweetheart." Alas, the fan didn't reveal more information about Tony. Nonetheless, it's one of their numerous sightings that the 90 Day Fiancé duo has been involved in, and they appear to be thriving. Multiple Redditors have posted about similar encounters, which has effectively spoiled Debbie and Tony's storyline on The Single Life. It's notable that despite the controversy Tony has garnered with his allegedly-racist tattoo, Debbie is still happy to stay by his side.

In the past, Debbie has received a lot of backlash from viewers due to her relationship with 90 Day Fiancé Colt. Their close relationship played a part in Colt’s failed relationships, and his marriage with Vanessa Guerra almost fell apart as well. According to Colt's previous partners, Debbie lacked boundaries and was too involved in her son's love life. Now Colt lives with his wife Vanessa, which left his mother alone to pay rent on a home she couldn’t afford. Unfortunately, they struggled to get along the few times Colt appeared in the season.

For many seasons, Debbie’s appearances in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise were filled with turmoil, as she clashed with her son and his partners. However, now that Debbie has a love interest of her own, fans haven’t seen the star this happy before. Considering 90 Day Fiancé stars Debbie and Tony have only known each other for a few months, some viewers are worried the 70-year-old American woman is going too fast. In the end, 90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life fans are excited to see how the season ends for the riotous star.

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Sources: Quick_Wheel5855/Reddit


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