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[SPOILER] From 'The Ultimatum' Is Happy In A New Relationship

Women's Health 4/13/2022 Sabrina Talbert, Sarah Felbin
  • Jake Cunningham and April Marie are one of the major couples to watch on the new Netflix series The Ultimatum.
  • The couple dated for two years before April gave Jake an ultimatum.
  • Now, the pair have revealed where their relationship stands to Women's Health:

Netflix's The Ultimatum reunion episode finally dropped this week, and there are tons of new details on where the six couples'relationships stand. Women's Health has learned that the show completed filming in May 2021, which made it a bit easier to get a glimpse of where the couples are now.

One couple in particular that had fans looking for answers is Jake Cunningham, 26, and April Marie, 23.

After being together for two years, April gave Jake an ultimatum that required him to choose to marry her or leave her, landing them on the show. The two arrived seemingly in love and ready to work on their relationship, but the trailer hints that things start to heat up (and not in a good way).

With all the guaranteed drama between Jake and April, here's all there is to know—and everything they've told Women's Health—about whether or not they're still together.

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What happens between Jake and April on the show?

For starters, the trailers led fans to believe their relationship was on the rocks.

In one clip, a teary-eyed April says “I love you to death but I just cannot wait any longer. That is why I’m giving this ultimatum.” Later Jake is seen telling her, “Should I just stay with you because you’re crying and I feel bad or should I look out for what I really want in life?” Oof.

During the season, April connected with her new partner Colby, but Jake also hit it off with his new partner Rae. When the two reunited and tried living together for the first time, things got off to a bumpy start—especially after April scrolled through Jake's texts without telling him.

Gotta love a three-week trial marriage, amirite?

Their social media is telling.

Their Instagrams show no signs that they're dating. Both of them don't have any posts with each other on their feeds, nor in their tagged photos. And, Jake has a pretty significant photo gap from October 2020 to February 2022.

April also has a gap between June 2020 to April 2021. Considering how often she posts for her 55,000 followers, it's hard to believe she's deleted any posts from the past.

They also don't follow each other, so this could be a sign of a clean break.

There are a few more clues on Venmo.

One of Jake's recent transactions is captioned with champagne glass emojis from a woman who's not part of the cast. Could he have moved on with someone who wasn't on the show after filming?

Then, in June 2021, another woman sent him money for rent. Maybe she's a new love interest, or just a roommate?

the ultimatum jake cunningham © Hearst Owned the ultimatum jake cunningham

the ultimatum jake cunningham © Hearst Owned the ultimatum jake cunningham

Meanwhile, there aren't any transactions to analyze from April, but she's still friends with Jake on the app. Then again, does anyone ever remove someone as a friend on Venmo?

April says she'd do the show all over again in a heartbeat.

"Yes. I would go through it again to be where I 'm at today," April tells Women's Health. "Honestly, looking back, I would go through that s*** again for the person I am with today."

"If that's what it took for me to be where I am today, by all means I 'm a thousand percent grateful for it," she continues.

But, she adds that watching the season back for the first time was tough. "The most difficult part was the number of times I paused to go to the bathroom and cry," she says.

"Watching the show back, watching those scenes that I didn't see, or the conversations that I didn't hear that were really hurtful, people are like, 'Why are you crying about it? It's over. It was a year ago.' I 'm like, 'It still hurts.' If I knew about it at the time, it would've hurt then. And watching it now that I didn't know, it hurts even more because I was just unaware."

"And I think knowing the personal things that was going [on] outside of filming on top of all the emotions and everything was just so overwhelming, it brings me back to... not a good feeling," April continues. "So it was hard watching myself be in that moment. I don't ever wanna go back."

Her IG follower count is still the same.

April's impressive social media status was a major topic of conversation this season—so, has she gained a whole new level of fame? "It hasn't moved drastically," she tells WH. "I already had kind of a social media following from being all over the place in the world and running networks and just connecting with people all over. And being a military brat, moving all the time as well."

Although, she says some old acquaintances are popping back up again: "I have noticed that some of these kids from my military schools that I was at just one year or like a few months are starting to follow me, and I 'm like, 'How the hell do you remember me from the second grade?' And so I 'm like, 'Don't go telling people you knew me. We waited in line at lunch together like once.'"

(TBH, I can relate. Who hasn't gotten a strange follower request before??)

So, are Jake and April still together?

Nope. During the finale, April stayed firm in her ultimatum to Jake and said he needed to let her know where they stood. Jake decided that he wasn’t ready to get married and broke things off. However, he added this caveat: “Me and Rae are not running off together. We’re not doing that.”

Wait, what happened with Jake and Rae?

Wellll, he wasn’t exactly truthful. Jake then turned to Rae and said he wanted to try things out with her. “You deserve the world. you deserve everything. Hopefully, one day, I can give that you,” he said. “I’m gonna propose something to you. Two tickets, anywhere in the world. Me and you just living life.”

But during the reunion, April shared that she and Jake spent some time together after filming wrapped. “Letting go is hard,” she said. “For months, we just coasted. I stayed at Jake’s for months. We knew that the relationship was over. It was just routine.”

Are April and Jake from 'The Ultimatum' together? © April Marie / Instagram Are April and Jake from 'The Ultimatum' together?

April also shared on her Insta story that she and Jake gave each other their vehicles back. She also revealed that she and Colby (who is now a married man and soon-to-be father!) never hooked up, but that she’s “forever thankful for our friendship.”

Are April and Jake from 'The Ultimatum' together? © April Marie / Instagram Are April and Jake from 'The Ultimatum' together?

Since the finale and the reunion, April has moved on.

April did reveal during the reunion that she’s now happily in a relationship and living with her new partner. “This is someone who wakes up every single day with me and says, ‘I love you, I can’t wait to marry you,’” she said.

Jake and Rae shared during the reunion that they didn’t actually end up going on vacation together. “I think that we kind of came to a consensus that everybody needed more time to heal,” Rae said “I felt like it was really insensitive to be like, ‘OK, bye. f*** y’all. We’re just gonna get on a plane and go somewhere.'”

With April in a new relationship, Jake said he’s just trying to focus on himself and what makes him happy.

And there you have it!

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