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Cobra Kai Season 6 Should Be The Show's Last

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Despite the overwhelming, consistent quality of Cobra Kai, season 6 should be the show's last for a variety of reasons. Cobra Kai season 5 was released on Netflix in September 2022 and somewhat leaves the story open for more adventures in the Karate Kid universe. In spite of this, Cobra Kai should end its run after season 6 and leave the story off on a high note.

Cobra Kai season 5 picks up directly after the events of season 4 with Miguel off to Mexico to search for his father, Miyagi-do and Eagle Fan closing down after losing the All Valley Tournament, and Cobra Kai stronger than ever with Terry Silver at its head. Alongside this, John Kreese is in prison after being framed for the assault of Stingray, plotting his escape and revenge on his old mentee. All of this revolves around the many characters and their individual arcs, with the show featuring a massive ensemble cast.

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While season 5 managed to wrap up most of the plot points that were left untold at the end of season 4, there are a few ways the show could carry on into season 6 and beyond. However, there are several reasons why Cobra Kai season 6 should be its final outing. Despite the quality of the show continuing to be exceedingly high, Cobra Kai shouldn't venture beyond season 6 thanks to a combination of resolved plot points and a perfect set-up from season 5.

All Major Character Rivalries Have Been Resolved Going Into Cobra Kai Season 6

One of the main reasons Cobra Kai should end after season 6 is due to the way season 5 resolved its many character arcs and rivalries. The majority of the show up to this point has focused on particularly this, resolving rivalries between characters. The main rivalry in question has been between Daniel LaRusso and his many villains from the original Karate Kid trilogy. By the end of season 5 though, Daniel has resolved his relationships with both Johnny Lawrence and Chozen Toguchi, while also besting Terry Silver. With Johnny, his relationship with his son Robby is now back on track, again being one of the main character dynamics of the first four seasons. Also, Johnny is happy with his newfound family with Carmen being pregnant, further strengthening his adoptive-father relationship with Miguel.

Speaking of Miguel, he and Robby are two Cobra Kai characters who've had one of the main antagonistic relationships in the show. On top of all the teenage relationship drama between the two, Robby was responsible for paralyzing Miguel at the end of season 2 and has always been jealous of his and his dad's relationship. Again though, like with Daniel and Johnny, Miguel and Robby resolved their differences in season 5, becoming more like brothers due to this and their shared paternal relationships with Johnny.

Finally, one of the other long-running rivalries that has been at the forefront of Cobra Kai is Tory and Sam. The duo has had many fights over the seasons, in each finale from seasons 2, 3, and 4, both massively affecting the other. From Sam's PTSD at the hands of Tory to the latter unfairly beating the former at season 4's All Valley, the rivalry has undergone many twists and turns. Cobra Kai season 5 though, resolved this rivalry as well, putting to bed almost every main rivalry still left on the show. With Tory confessing to Sam that the ref was paid off during the All Valley, and subsequently helping the kids from Miyagi-do expose Terry Silver and take down Cobra Kai, her redemption is complete. All of these rivalries being resolved means that the five season-build up of character dynamics do not have any lingering plot threads going into season 6, proving that one final outing of every major character fighting together would be Cobra Kai's perfect ending.

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Season 5 Perfectly Set Up Cobra Kai's Endgame

Coincidentally, Cobra Kai season 5 introduced a plot point that provides the perfect endgame scenario, that can be the catalyst for the main cast fighting together. The bulk of season 5's story centered on stopping Terry Silver. However, another plot point revealed was Terry's actual plan for the expansion of Cobra Kai: the Sekai Taikai. The Sekai Taikai is described in the show as the biggest, most prestigious karate tournament in the world which sees dojos from across the globe competing for the number one spot. Silver's plan was to enter Cobra Kai and, upon winning the Sekai Taikai, show the world the benefits of the way of the fist and expand globally. In order to stop him, Danny, Johnny, and Chozen entered the tournament themselves, seemingly setting up Cobra Kai's perfect endgame scenario.

While Cobra Kai's students are now disillusioned and Silver is in jail, the Sekai Taikai remains the perfect setting to end the show. By having Johnny, Daniel, Chozen, and all of their students with their rivalries aside under one dojo competing in the Sekai Taikai to defeat Silver and Kreese once and for all, Cobra Kai would have its best ending. That being said, with Silver in jail, Kreese on the run, and the bad blood between the two, a large portion of season 6 would need to show the two reconciling to lead Cobra Kai together and build up to the Sekai Taikai, much like season 4's build-up to the All Valley.

Cobra Kai Shouldn't Overstay Its Welcome

The final reason, and arguably the biggest, as to why Cobra Kai season 6 should be its last is so that the show does not overstay its welcome. While the show, since its inaugural season, has been a massive breath of fresh air and consistently hit the same level of quality, knowing when to end is often one of the biggest strengths of the most beloved shows. Similarly, lasting too long and dragging on season after season is usually one of the biggest issues TV shows face. For example, TV shows like The Walking Dead or the many CW Arrowverse projects have lasted far too long, and their quality fluctuates as a result.

For Cobra Kai, the best course of action is to quit while they're ahead. Ending the show on a high note such as the Sekai Taikai in season 6 would solidify the show as one of Netflix's very best as it has a clear beginning, middle, and end. With the different points argued above, Cobra Kai has naturally run its course by satisfyingly resolving every main thread of the show so far. Rather than needlessly come up with forced, unnatural conflicts to extend the show's lifespan and lessen the characters as a result, Cobra Kai should instead end after season 6 and solidify its place as one of the best legacy sequels of all time.


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