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Daredevil Is Born Again, Time to Give Luke Cage a Shot

CBR 10/1/2022 Antonio Barrios
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Many fans were excited to hear about Charlie Cox's return as Daredevil. His Netflix series is beloved, and fans are eager for a continuation. But another character and show deserving of just as much love is Mike Coulter's Luke Cage. And with Krysten Ritter's Jessica Jones also reported to return, Luke Cage might be the next great character to make a reappearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Luke Cage was a Netflix series that ran from 2016 until its cancelation in 2018. The show was well-noted for its celebration of black culture and neo-blaxploitation aesthetic. The actors all gave solid performances, and the narrative kept viewers invested. Even when the first season stumbled and lost an excellent character, the show still had fans until its cancelation. And with Charlie Cox returning as Daredevil with Born Again, perhaps the time is right to let Harlem's Hero back into the spotlight.

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Luke Cage Is an Ideal Fit for the MCU's Current Focus

The character is one that would actually fit well into the current landscape of the MCU. A lot of its recent projects have, as some detractors have said, "gone political." The more recent shows and films have touched on issues that earlier MCU projects wouldn't. WandaVision tackled grief and the terrible things a person can do if they don't face that grief. The Falcon and the Winder Soldier tackled the racism still embedded in American society, as well as the legacy of US imperialism. And currently, She-Hulk seems to be tackling sexism and the issues women face on a daily basis.

As for Luke Cage, the show always kept its roots firmly in Black culture. The protagonist himself is a man who had to escape prison after a wrongful conviction, a sad reality for many African-American males. The show also touched on childhood trauma and its lingering effects, which was the main driving force behind the villains in the show. Maria Stokes, Cottonmouth, Diamondback and Bushmaster all chose violence in their lives because of the violence inflicted on them as youths. And with how much the show examines and even celebrates the culture of Harlem and Black culture as a whole, it would be easy to see it in the same universe as the other Disney+ programs.

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A Luke Cage Return Could Explore Heroes for Hire

The reintroduction of Luke Cage into the mainstream MCU could also be a chance to show a more accurate portrayal. As good as the show was, Luke's altruism could get a little irritating. One of the greatest appeals of the character was always the fact that he charged for his service. He was always happy to help people, but he also had to put food on the table. It's what made the duo of him and Iron Fist so enjoyable as Heroes for Hire. If Finn Jones can be convinced to come back as Danny Rand, then it would certainly be interesting to see them interacting again.

There is also the relationship with Jessica Jones to be explored. In the Netflix universe, their relationship essentially ended after the first season of Jessica Jones, with both of them moving on to different people. But in the original source material, Luke and Jessica are known for having one of the most thriving relationships in comics. They even have a daughter together. And while there have been other parents in the MCU, such as Tony Stark and Hawkeye, it would be nice to see two people who aren't Avengers trying to raise a kid in such a crazy world.

While only time will tell who else from the Netflix Marvel shows gets brought back to the main MCU, Mike Coulter certainly seems like he would be a strong pick. With a narrative that could keep audiences engaged, themes that would be relevant and fit in the current landscape and the potential for a lot of expansion, Luke Cage would be a welcome addition to the new Marvel era.

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