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Fan-Favorite Marvel Writer Makes DC Debut To Help Harley Quinn Rewrite Her Origin

ScreenRant logo ScreenRant 4 days ago Kate O'Donoghue

Warning: Potential SPOILERS for Harley Quinn: Black + White + Redder #2After years of writing fan-favorite Marvel and creator-owned comics, creator Kelly Thompson is making her DC debut. Thompson and artist Annie Wu are teaming up on a new Harley Quinn story that may just help Harley escape her own origins.

DC Comics and Thompson announced that she would be making her debut with the publisher upon the release of DC's August 2023 solicitations. The official text for Harley Quinn: Black + White + Redder #2 confirms that this will be Thompson's first foray not only into Harley Quinn territory, but also DC. Kelly Thompson also announced the news herself on Twitter and other social media sites. Check out the full solicit for the Harley Quinn anthology series below:


  • Cover by CHRIS SAMNEE
  • Variant cover by JOËLLE JONES
  • 1:25 variant cover by ANNIE WU
  • $4.99 US | 40 pages | 2 of 6 | (all covers are card stock)
  • ON SALE 8/15/23
  • In this issue, Kelly Thompson makes her DC debut, collaborating with superstar Annie Wu on a tale of Harley’s attempts to escape her own origin story—with some begrudging magical help from Zatanna! Fan favorites Ro Stein & Ted Brandt throw Harley and her Legion of Doominals into the high-stakes Gotham Pet Show to go paw-to-paw with the beloved League of Super-Pets! And ROGUE SUN writer Ryan Parrott joins with Russ Manning Award-Winner Luana Vecchio to serve up a story of Jim Gordon and Harley sharing a diner booth, but what brought these two here is more complicated than you'd think!

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Harley Quinn Must Escape Her Origin in New Story by Thompson and Wu

harley-quinn-black-white-redder-2-1-25-variant © Provided by ScreenRant harley-quinn-black-white-redder-2-1-25-variant

In the spirit of the award-winning anthology series Batman: Black and White, Harley Quinn: Black + White + Redder is an anthology series in which superstar writers and artists team up to tell self-contained short stories about the ever-chaotic Harley Quinn. The true emphasis of these kinds of series is on the art, which stands out from other superhero comics fare by completely limiting the color palette. That said, a huge pull for this issue is the writer: Kelly Thompson is well-known to Marvel fans for her beloved runs on West Coast Avengers, Captain Marvel, and more, as well as for creating Jeff the Land Shark.

Thompson's DC debut is truly a notable event. Though she has primarily written for Marvel, her work there is beloved by fans and has been well-received by critics, and her creator-owned work has also been well-received. It should be exciting to both DC fans and fans of Thompson to see her make the leap to DC, especially for a Harley story. Thompson's humor and style feel well-suited to the character, meaning this will certainly be a highly-anticipated story—especially for a self-contained short.

DC Comics has been on a roll with its Dawn of DC roll-out, and snagging both Kelly Thompson and Annie Wu for a Harley Quinn story is another win for the publisher. Hopefully this won't be the only foray into the DCU for this fan-favorite writer.

Check out Harley Quinn: Black + White + Redder #2, available August 15 from DC Comics!

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