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Fuller House: One Quote From Each Character That Perfectly Sums Up Their Personality

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When Fuller House wrapped in 2020, Andrea Barber explained to TV Insider that she would be glad to reprise her role as Kimmy Gibbler. The actor said, "I hope it’s not the last time I put on the bacon and egg scarf. I really want to play this character and see where she is and see her grow." Fans would definitely love a sixth season of the reboot.

Whether there will ever be more episodes or not, the characters of Fuller House are as happy and chatty as they were in the original '90s sitcom, and the new child characters are perfect additions. Some say the show is cheesy, but the characters' dialogue shows just how warm and lovable they are.

"Holy Chalupas!"

Max Fuller loves to say this line throughout the series

DJ's young son Max is hilarious, charming, and chatty. While all of his quotes are entertaining, his catchphrase explains who he is the most: a fun-loving, friendly, optimistic person who enjoys being around his family. Since Max is still a kid who is figuring life out, he gets excited and enthusiastic about everything that happens to him.

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When Max says this phrase, he shows that everything has the power to shock him. He's learning who he is and having a good time every day. The child characters were always a significant part of Full House, as they learn valuable life lessons, and Max is a great addition to the reboot.

"You Want To Talk Public Humiliation? I Once Fell Down The Stairs At School."

Jackson Fuller gives his younger brother advice

The best episodes of Fuller House see the characters helping each other and continuing the upbeat, warm-hearted tone of the original sitcom. In one sweet scene, Jackson gives Max advice when Jackson and Ramona find Max singing the Natalie Imbruglia song "Torn."

Max is terrified of the high dive, and Jackson shows his helpful personality when he tells Max that he once fell down the stairs in front of classmates and teachers. Jackson wants to be a good brother and hopes that he can help Max through the trials of being a kid. This quote shows Jackson's huge heart.

"Oh, Mylanta!"

DJ Tanner-Fuller has a catchphrase

Full House is famous for its catchphrases, from Jesse's "Have mercy" to Stephanie's "How rude!" DJ has a catchphrase, too, and it's the quote that explains her cheerful and brave personality the most.

While DJ struggles in the original series with typical teen woes like dating and wanting more independence, as a woman is bolder and more sure of herself. But as much as she's grown up, DJ still says "Oh, Mylanta!" whenever she's surprised. The fact that she still says this phrase as an adult proves that she is still the same person that she has always been and that she's still dealing with stressful family situations.

"We Don't Pay Rent So We're Winners."

Stephanie Tanner talks to DJ and Kimmy in season 3

Stephanie's worst Full House behavior is all part of the process of growing up. In the Netflix reboot, Stephanie is years older, but not always wiser. When DJ says that it's wild to still live in their childhood home, Stephanie says it's great not to pay rent.

Stephanie shows that she has the same charming, ditzy, funny, and goofy personality as when she was a child. While Kimmy suggests that people might judge them for where they live, Stephanie happily shrugs it off. Stephanie lives life according to her rules and she doesn't care what others say.

"Really? I Have A Godmother? So Like Three Wishes..."

Ramona Gibbler is upset to live with the Fullers in season 1

When Kimmy tells her daughter that they're moving in with DJ and her sons, Ramona is less than thrilled. Kimmy reminds Ramona that DJ is her godmother, but Ramona mistakes the title for fairy godmother.

Ramona has the same quirky, whimsical sensibility as her mom. She is a mix of confident and insecure since she loves who she is but also worries about regular teenage problems, from looking cool at school to impressing her crush.

"The Magic Word Is 'Will You Tango With Me, Papa?'"

Fernando Guerrero is thrilled to dance with his daughter in season 2

Kimmy's husband and Ramona's dad Fernando is just as creative and expressive as his family, and in one charming scene, he and Ramona dance the tango together. Fernando shares how much he wants to connect with his daughter when he says this quote.

Fernando knows that Ramona is growing up, but he still wants her to spend time with him, which proves how caring and family-oriented he is. He loves the simple things in life, like enjoying some music or hanging out with loved ones.

"My Moves Are All That And A Bag Of Chips, So Talk To The Hand, Loser!"

Kimmy Gibbler has a unique way of speaking

Many heartwarming Fuller House scenes show that the bond between best friends DJ and Kimmy has never changed. Kimmy is known for being eccentric and while she bothers the Tanners many times throughout the original sitcom, she grows on them in the reboot.

Kimmy often seems to be in her own world and she's an endearing and funny character. With this quote, she shows that she's still as cheesy and happy as ever. Kimmy doesn't care if she's still speaking in slang from the '80s or '90s — she just wants to be herself.


Jesse Katsopolis is annoyed with Ramona in season 3

In a funny season 3 scene, Ramona wants dating advice from Jesse and tells him, "Pretend you're a cute guy." When he says "Ouch," she says, "Pretend you're a young guy" with no idea why he's upset by these comments.

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Jesse is known for talking about his good looks, his hair most of all. This quote proves that he still takes a lot of pride in his appearance and that looking his best matters to him. If someone doesn't agree that his hair looks phenomenal, or that he seems young and cool, Jesse can't help but be frustrated and offended by their words.

"Live It Up Because The Next Thing You Know, They Turn Into That."

Becky Katsopolis tells DJ to appreciate her young kids

At the beginning of Fuller House, Becky gives DJ advice about kids growing up very quickly, and gestures toward her sons Nicky and Alex, who are now all grown up. With this quote, Becky explains that she's a caring parent who now has time to reflect on how fast time goes.

Becky has always been a logical, responsible person in her marriage. While Jesse is more emotional than practical, Becky makes sure that everyone is happy and working toward their goals.

"My Work Here Is Done. Just Venmo Me My 13 Bucks. So Long, Suckers."

Joey Gladstone plays a prank in season 4

Joey is always one of the most likable Full House characters. His goofball personality and need to make jokes at all times, coupled with his love for Danny's kids, makes him one of the most popular characters. In season 4, Joey plays a prank where anyone who takes a shower gets dyed purple.

While Joey gets married and has kids, he never truly grows up. This quote proves that he's still friendly, fun-loving, and a bit mischievous. He never loses the inner child inside of him and that's exactly the way that he likes it.

"I'll Just Move Back Into My Old Bedroom And You Can Bunk With DJ, Just Like The Good Old Days."

Danny Tanner wants to move back home in season 3

Danny is one of the kindest sitcom dads and he has fond memories of his three daughters growing up in their San Francisco home. In season 3, Danny, Joey, and Jesse share that they're moving back to the city, and Danny says that he'll live in the family home again.

While Stephanie and DJ are shocked to hear that Danny is serious, Danny sees no problem with his plan. Danny's quote shows that he's still the same corny, kind person he was in the original series. He cares about his family and feels nostalgic for the time when they all lived together.

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