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Jack Ryan: Betty Gabriel & Nina Hoss Cast Dish on Season 3's Higher Stakes

CBR 12/9/2022 Bryan Cairns
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CIA financial analyst Jack Ryan (John Krasinski) finds few he can trust in the upcoming third season of the hit Prime Video political thriller Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan. The series follows the titular character, who was plucked from his desk job and thrown into the field against extremists and terrorists. Once an invaluable asset to the CIA, Jack was accused of treason in the Season 2 finale.

Premiering on Dec. 21, the third season finds Jack operating under the radar, on his own, as the agency hunts him down. This time, the safety of the world is at stake as Russian activists plan on detonating a nuclear strike. With few to trust, Jack turns to his no-nonsense boss, Elizabeth Wright (Betty Gabriel), and Czech President Alena Kovac (Nina Hoss). With all the evidence mounting against Jack, it's hard to tell whether they're truly friends or foes. Gabriel and Hoss recently spoke with CBR about portraying these powerful women, trust issues, and their relationships with CIA operative James Greer.

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CBR: Betty, can you introduce us to your character Elizabeth Wright and in what ways is she ruffling some feathers this season?

Betty Gabriel: Well, yes. I play Elizabeth Wright, who is the Chief of Station in Rome. She is a pretty powerful woman. She is Jack's boss. Jack, this season, has gone rogue, so I would say her feathers are getting ruffled by him. She is not backing down from that hunt for him. That's because she has a lot of pressure from her higher-up, Director Miller, to deliver. Being this woman in a male-dominant world, she really feels that pressure even more so.

Nina, can you introduce us to Alena Kovac and how she gets sucked into this global conflict?

Nina Hoss: I play Alena Kovac, who is the President of the Czech Republic. When you get to meet her, she is about to have a meeting with the Russian Defense Minister. She's a very accomplished, intelligent politician. She thinks she has it all in hand, and she knows how to navigate these very tricky waters with Russia and NATO and the United States. Then, something happens, and her whole world falls apart. To get to see how this woman pulls herself together and tries to make the right decision in the right moment, trying to figure out who she can trust and who she can't, all of this is beautifully and intelligently written. It's like a different little universe in this whole Jack Ryan Universe, which I really embraced and loved being in this.

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One common thread they both have is James Greer [Wendell Pierce]. Can you sum up their dynamics?

Gabriel: My dynamic with him is there's a lot of commonality. They are both Black people in the CIA, which is a very unique experience. In the real world, I talked to a young Black woman who was a former CIA officer. It was fascinating to hear her take on it all. Hopefully, I bring something to that world, that organization, that is very desirable. As far as we are concerned, he's someone that she has looked up to, but she also has a job she has got to do. Elizabeth is not someone who has the luxury of trusting people. She has to be very suspicious and gather intelligence and be secretive. That includes him.

Nina, how about for Alena?

Hoss: I think when James Greer appears on the tableau, she is initially very relieved. This is someone from the past. They know each other from back when they were both in Russia and they worked together. As you can hear from some sentences, they could rely on each other. So, when he appears on the scene, Alena knows, "Whatever he is saying, I guess I can trust." Nevertheless, there is a certain aspect where you know you also come with the interest of your country and your people in mind. Alena has to navigate this. "Is he always talking for mine and my people's best interest?" It's a beautiful relationship. On a personal level, I think those two really like each other. Then, just the politics get in there every now and then.

Jack Ryan Season 3 premieres Dec. 21 on Prime Video.

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