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JBL's Partnership With Baron Corbin Has Been A Waste Of WWE's Time

TheSportster 1/26/2023 Joey Haverford
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WWE took a chance by bringing JBL back into a new role for the legend. Baron Corbin brought in JBL to become his manager, moving forward after Triple H took over creative and tried to shake things up. The pairing of JBL and Corbin have been together for many months now with neither man standing out.

Most fans assumed a big push was coming for Corbin if a Hall of Famer was entering the managing field for the first time. JBL was once considered one of the better heel characters and promos in WWE. Corbin has struggled to find a major role, but he has found heat to become a hated character. The combination of these two seemed ideal on paper. It somehow turned into a huge waste of time before our eyes.

JBL's Presence Has Done Nothing For Baron Corbin

The biggest problem with Baron Corbin and JBL’s partnership is that JBL already feels like just another person on the show. WWE bringing in a Hall of Famer to manage a credible wrestler should feel like a big deal for at least a few months and have some kind of success to warrant the need of each other. Baron’s previous success has been put on hold for a little over a year since his Happy Corbin gimmick peaked too early.

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JBL joining Corbin was meant to make him feel like a big deal again and slowly him move back up the card if this was to work. The use of Corbin has seen him as a background player for the most part. JBL does the talking for Corbin in promos, and that does help get some heat. However, it turns into a joke of an angle when the bell rings.

WWE doesn’t trust Corbin enough to push him again after the previous failed runs, but JBL should be protected a bit more as a new manager. Success for Corbin means success for JBL that could move him to a new client if WWE doesn’t like their long-term run together. JBL is losing credibility and harming his chance of finding success with anyone since this is turning into a huge mistake.

It Seems To Be Just Another Failed Gimmick Change For Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin is a talented wrestler that has shown flashes of stardom, but there is a constant in his career. WWE has pushed Corbin with various gimmicks that always fizzle out before he gets to the next level. The character from NXT may have been his best chance at being a world champion, but the unfortunate timing of an argument with a doctor played into him losing his Money in the Bank title shot.

WWE tried pushing Corbin as an authority figure that culminated with a WrestleMania 35 match, retiring Kurt Angle and feuding with Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship. Fans complained about both things, and it led to him having to change things up shortly afterwards. King Corbin was another pushed gimmick that peaked early vs Roman Reigns before coming off as another failed heel King of the Ring revamp.

The most recent failed gimmick of Happy Corbin actually had a lot of crowd interest at the start. Fans enjoyed Corbin being down on his luck and even found entertainment from the comedy after he won a lot of money to start the run. WWE gave up after a while before this JBL partnership. Corbin seems to be falling just short of moving forward with yet another gimmick change.

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Can The Partnership Of JBL And Baron Corbin Still Be Saved?

WWE mostly uses Baron Corbin to either put over more important babyfaces or defeat wrestlers below him in the pecking order. JBL will not look successful with him until that formula changes with some noteworthy wins. The biggest solution would be to heat up Corbin with some wins or even play into rivalries with people JBL has faced, like Rey Mysterio or even a returning John Cena, to use that history.

Another option is to punt on the idea before more time is wasted between the two. Change can help both men if realizing they’ve reached the point of no return. JBL betraying Corbin for another wrestler would help that person and JBL start something fresh. Corbin would be forced to play a face character here, but it could be a positive change of something he's never done.

The only thing that should be kept in mind for all scenarios is that this combination is just not working. Corbin losing matches and being the butt of backstage poker game segment jokes is not going to help either man. WWE must find a way to salvage a once promising idea for JBL and Corbin that’s been a huge waste of time.

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