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Never Have I Ever Season 3 Ending Explained (In Detail)

ScreenRant logo ScreenRant 8/12/2022 Mae Abdulbaki
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This post contains major spoilers for Never Have I Ever season 3

Never Have I Ever season 3 ending explained. The Netflix series continued the story of Devi Vishwakumar, the beloved teen who is trying to navigate high school and grief the best way she can. The comedy was renewed for season 3 in August 2022, with the new episodes releasing a year later on Netflix.

Never Have I Ever season 3 concluded in unexpected fashion. After season 2 saw Devi coming to terms with her grief and taking responsibility for actions that hurt others, season 3 found her on more balanced ground. With her relationship with Paxton over and the two back on friendly terms, Devi’s feelings for Ben were rekindled after her break-up with Des. Following her heart, Devi headed to Ben’s house and the season 3 finale ended with them back together at last. At the same time, Devi decided she would remain at Sherman Oaks High School for her senior year, graduating alongside her friends instead of attending Shrubland. And with Trent having failed his senior year, he and Eleanor are confirmed to spend another year together without being separated. Meanwhile, Paxton was pleased that he got into college, deciding to go to Arizona State University.

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Never Have I Ever season 3 concluded plenty of storylines while leaving several open-ended. With Devi making a big decision about Ben while leaving Paxton behind, seemingly for good, here is a breakdown of the ending, including how it sets up the story for Never Have I Ever season 4 — which has been confirmed as the comedy’s final season.

Why Devi Decides To Stay At Sherman Oaks For Her Senior Year

Devi was initially hesitant about attending Shrubland for her senior year, but after visiting the school in Colorado, she decided it would be good for her. However, Devi’s mind changed after she saw Paxton embracing his dad at his graduation. There was a brief pang of jealousy and sadness at knowing her own father would never see her graduate or go off to college. Devi realized that life was short and nothing was certain or forever. She wanted to cherish whatever moments she did have left with her mother Nalini, and moving all the way to Colorado would not allow her to accomplish that. Shrubland being a fantastic option for her future wasn’t enough to change her mind, and at least the decision was on her own terms. Devi figured she had four years of university to be away from home, so why start now?

Devi & Ben Are Back Together: Will It Last This Time?

It always seemed like Never Have I Ever was leading to Devi and Ben getting together for good. While the two dated in season 2, it didn’t last very long because Devi was caught up with being liked by Ben and Paxton at the same time. Still, it’s difficult to say if Devi and Ben being back together will last longer than the last time they were romantically involved. But considering that Devi went through a transformation in season 3, growing more confident in herself and learning to love who she was, her reconciliation with Ben (who still harbored feelings for her) came at a time that suggests their union will last. What’s more, Devi and Ben dating in season 4 could lead to a more meaningful and deeper relationship. The pair have been through too much — both together and apart — to mess things up a second time. They are both more mature than when they first started dating, having gone on important individual journeys before leaping into their newfound relationship and that, more than anything else, hints that Devi and Ben’s second go-around will be a much better experience.

What Nalini’s Discovery About Rhyah Means For Her Future Relationships

Nalini and Rhyah really hit it off in Never Have I Ever season 3. Unfortunately, their friendship didn’t last too long before it was soured by Rhyah’s treatment of Devi. Moving into season 4, Nalini might find it difficult to trust — and be wary of — a potential new friend. Of course, Nalini needs and deserves positive friendships in her life. Rhyah was a gateway to something she was missing in her life, just as Common’s Dr. Chris Jackson helped her see that she could have another romantic relationship after Mohan in Never Have I Ever season 2. While season 4 could open the door to new friendships and potential love interests, Nalini could resist meeting new people at first. It’s possible she will put all her focus into caring for and spending time with Devi that Nalini puts her own needs on the back burner for a while. Rhyah unfortunately showed Nalini that not everyone could be trusted when it came to her and her family, and so Nalini might try and protect herself and Devi from the people she meets at first.

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How Season 3 Finale Sets Up Never Have I Ever Season 4 Story

Never Have I Ever season 3 ended on a relatively happy note for almost every character. With Devi deciding she’s staying at Sherman Oaks High for her senior year, season 4 will likely see her spending her time with Nalini and developing her relationship with Ben. And of course, Devi and her friends have officially concluded their junior year of high school, which leaves the fourth and final season of the show contending with their senior year and all the chaos, fun, stress, and emotions it will likely entail. If Never Have I Ever season 3 taught Devi anything, it’s that the grief she still feels over her father’s death will never fully go away. However, that doesn’t mean she can’t find a way to be happy on her own terms. Her life and dreams for her future have changed by the end of season 3, which sets up Never Have I Ever season 4 to be the most emotionally open yet for Devi.

Will Kamala & Manish Get Married In Season 4?

The start of Never Have I Ever season 3 saw Kamala breaking things off with Prashant because of their ultimate incompatibility. Kamala and Manish began dating, despite her grandmother’s disapproval, but things went fairly well for the couple throughout season 3. Kamala was obviously happy with Manish, and he managed to gain the approval of Kamala’s grandmother by the season’s end after she saw a different side to him. With everything going so well, it’s possible Kamala and Manish are on the road to getting married. Granted, Kamala mentioned she might not want to get married at all, to anyone, but she may have felt that way because she wasn’t ready to be married in season 3. Plus, Prashant and the traditional way Kamala’s grandmother went about the proposal and their future likely soured her on the whole subject for a while. After all, she’s still learning about herself as well. However, with Manish, Kamala doesn’t have that same pressure — the teacher is a chill guy who simply cares about Kamala a lot and likes that she’s so career-driven. With all that in mind, Never Have I Ever season 4 could, at the very least, end with Kamala and Manish engaged, but only time will tell.

Never Have I Ever Season 3 Ending’s Real Meaning Explained

Devi’s journey throughout Never Have I Ever season 3 led her to some meaningful revelations. Devi dating Paxton helped her realize that she needs to love and believe in herself more. She was too preoccupied with how others perceived her to the point that she began feeling insecure in her own relationship. By the end, however, Devi was making big decisions about her life — including where she went to school and who she wanted to date — confidently and without any hint of self-doubt. Never Have I Ever’s ending also showcased that happiness, excitement, and hope can still exist after losing a loved one. For a long time, grief enveloped Devi to the point that her behavior, which hurt others at times, was fueled by it. In Never Have I Ever season 3, she was finally learning how to be happy without losing sight of her grief, as she now understood they would always be side by side. There’s nowhere to go but forward, and no time like the present, with Devi wholeheartedly embracing both concepts as she makes her final decisions in season 3. Her choices showcase the self-love, maturity, and confidence she’s gained throughout the season and that will be her driving force into Never Have I Ever season 4.


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