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PCSX2: PS2 Texture modding is now here! PS2 Emulation

Dolphin had this texture mod feature for years and now PCSX2 finally has it in development. Big credit to Topaz-Reality, texture dumping/replacement on pcsx2 is now possible and fairly easy. It is still a work in progress, but looks promising so far. My texture editing in this video isn't great, but this is just a quick video to showcase it in action. Maybe now modders can make PS2 NFL 2k5 look much closer to the XB version and update field textures, stadiums, text and uniforms to the modern era. Again, I did a quick texture mod to demonstrate, but real texture modders who know what they're doing will get much better results than what I did here. (side note: don't use mipmapping in this game, it will blur certain textures as shown on the back of helmet as seen at 2:36) Check out the thread on github: Topaz-Reality youtube: (also check out his discord) DL: 0:00 Gran Turismo 3 2:36 NFL 2k5 (2k21 Rosters) 7:41 Crash Twinsanity 9:14 Dark Cloud #PCSX2 #PS2textureMods #PS2emulation
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