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Skyrim - Dragonstar Release Trailer - A Morrowind Mod

Split in two by the War of Bend'r Mahk, the city of Dragonstar is divided between east and west, Skyrim and Hammerfell, Nord and Redguard. It is a city marked by war, both from the conflicts of the recent past, and the conflicts that continue to be waged in secret, with political intrigue, resistance cells, and outside factions with their own agendas. Outside of the city of Dragonstar, the Druadach Highlands spreads vast and far, with tall mesas giving way to sloping grasslands, rocky canyons, and rugged hillsides. A traditional part of the Reach, many settlements of the Alovach and Taliesinn tribes can be found scattered about the landscape, often found near the ancient ruins of the Direnni Hegemony. It is a dangerous place, for like the rest of the Reach, conflict, banditry, and deadly creatures are a constant threat, and the roads are far from safe. But for the wanderlust-filled adventurer, there are countless ruins, ancient Nordic barrows, and First Era fortress ruins to be explored, with untold treasures hidden away in the dark depths of the Reach. Skyrim - Home of the Nords is proud to present the City of Dragonstar, a massive expansion to the province of Skyrim, adding over 60 new quests, 3 new faction questlines, and 111 new exterior cells (about the size of Solstheim) to the game-world of Morrowind! Bringing the total new quests in Skyrim - Home of the Nords to over 100, with a new playable area roughly equivalent to nearly half of vanilla Morrowind! You can check out the latest Dragonstar release for yourself from the Nexus, and don't forget to stop by the Discord server to check out upcoming progress on this amazing mod! SHOTN - Nexus Download - Project Tamriel Discord Server - Project Tamriel Forums - Note: This video was recorded with CinemaCam by Rytelier - The music in this video is "Governor of the North" by composer Jo Wandrini of Epidemic Sound.
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