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Supernatural: The 10 Best Decisions Dean Made, Ranked

ScreenRant logo ScreenRant 11/1/2022 Matthew Demchak
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For 15 years, Supernatural found its way into the hearts and minds of a legion of fans. And while Sam and Dean's story has concluded, the story of their parents continues with the new series, The Winchesters.

Throughout the original series, Dean Winchester not every decision Dean Winchester made was a smart one. Even though he often doesn't always think his decisions through, there are a number of times when the decisions he made were actually great.

Becoming Death For A Day

"Appointment in Samarra"

For Death to return Sam's soul to his body, Dean must take his ring and take up the mantle of Death for a day, a task that soon proves harder than Dean realizes.

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The whole thing turned out to be rigged from the start, with Death intending to teach Dean a lesson about the natural order of things, something that both he and Sam have broken many times before and will break again many times after. Still, the choice Dean made to become Death had to be done to save Sam from being a soulless monster for the rest of his life and so he would learn that breaking the natural order of the world has serious consequences.

Leaving A Message In The Past For Sam To Find

"Time After Time"

After an encounter with the pagan god Chronos, Dean ends up in 1944, potentially stuck there forever due to Chronos not being willing to help him get back to the present. However, he comes up with a clever idea to save himself.

Dean is able to leave a message for Sam to find in the present, trusting that his brother has also figured out how to bring him and Chronos back. His decision turned out to be the right one, and the brothers are able to kill the villain thanks to his absurd weakness: a blood soaked olive branch. Had Dean not made this decision, he would've been stuck in the past, as there would've been no way for Sam to find him and bring him back.

Killing Hitler

"The One You've Been Waiting For"

In what should be one of Dean's best episodes, the Winchesters fight against the Thule Society and their plans to resurrect Hitler. It is in this episode where Dean makes one the best (and easiest) decisions in his life.

The Thule are successful in resurrecting Hitler, but their success doesn't last long as the Winchesters manage to free themselves and kill all the remaining Thule. Dean himself corners Hitler and kills him, ending any potential threat he would've had to both the brothers and the world. Had Hitler escaped the fight, he would not doubt have rallied the remaining Thule in Germany and become quite a problem for the Winchesters. Dean's actions eliminated him as a threat for good, an accomplishment he continues to brag about in the following episode.

Ingesting Phoenix Ashes

"Mommy Dearest"

Eve, the mother of all monsters, served as the secondary antagonist of Supernatural's sixth season. With her powers of creating monsters all by herself, she was a major threat for the Winchesters to fight.

The only way to kill Eve was with Phoenix ashes.

Unfortunately, Eve didn't give them a chance to shoot her with them. Dean, showing another genius moment, drank a shot of the ashes and tricked Eve into biting him, leading to her death. He had no idea that this would work and was taking a risky gamble into letting Even bite him. However, his gamble paid off, and the Winchesters had eliminated another insanely powerful foe from the board.

Keeping A "Friendly" Relationship With Crowley

Multiple episodes

Crowley is easily the Winchesters' longest recurring villain, but in his later appearances, he becomes a somewhat reluctant ally/friend of the brothers, particularly Dean.

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Crowley has both helped and hurt the Winchesters multiple times, but it was only after Dean was turned into a demon that he and Crowley really started their friendly relationship. And this friendship would become invaluable, as Dean needs Crowley's help to pull off some of the Winchesters' greatest feats. It's hard to imagine where the brothers would be if Dean hadn't kept his friendship with Crowley, especially with how much the demon helps them out up until his final sacrifice to trap Lucifer in Apocalypse World.

Sparing Amara's Life

"Alpha and Omega"

In an unexpected twist for the series, the Season 11 finale showed the season antagonist, Amara, begin to have second thoughts about her actions of destroying everything God created. This hesitation makes Dean hesitate about his plan to blow up Amara and himself.

The two had a connection ever since she was freed from the prison God locked her in long ago, and it's with this connection that the two are able to understand each other. Rather than go through with the plan and kill himself in order to kill Amara and save the world, Dean helps to talk her through her feelings, leading to her reconciling with God and leaving with him for a time, while also saving Dean's life. This would have even better repercussions than Dean thought, with Amara bringing back Mary Winchester as a token of her appreciation.

Saying No To Michael

Multiple episodes

The entire plot of Season 5 revolves around Lucifer and the angels' attempts to make Dean their champion by convincing him to let the archangel Michael inhabit his body to fight him.

Dean is adamant about saying no to Michael throughout the season. But in "Point of No Return," he begins to waver, thinking that it's the only way to stop Lucifer. He fully intends on become Michael's vessel in the episode. But at the end, Dean changes his mind once more, realizing the scope of destruction that a war between Michael and Lucifer would bring. He would go on to never say yes to Michael, averting the apocalyptic scenario altogether and, overall, saving billions of lives in the process.

Sparing Jack's Life


In the final seasons of the show, Jack essentially becomes the Winchesters' adopted brother. But his power almost made Dean kill him.

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Egged on by Chuck/God, Dean tracks down the now soulless Jack in order to kill him before he hurts anyone else. But when the time comes, Dean can't bring himself to pull the trigger, defying God's will, much to Chuck's fury. This would have monumental consequences, as Jack turns out to be the only one that can defeat Chuck in the final season, explaining why he wanted him dead in the first place. If Dean had pulled the trigger, he and Sam would still be stuck in the cycle that Chuck set up for them.

Confronting Lucifer And Michael

"Swan Song"

In one of Supernatural's best episodes, Sam finally gets possessed by Lucifer, who confronts Michael in a graveyard for their final showdown. A confrontation that Dean chooses to interrupt to try to save Sam.

This would turn out to be one of the best decisions Dean ever made. Lucifer had full control of Sam, making it impossible for him to retake control. But when Dean arrives and Lucifer starts beating him to death, it's the Impala that truly starts to let Sam take back control for long enough to lock Lucifer (and Michael) back in the cage. If Dean hadn't shown up, Lucifer and Michael's battle would've destroyed the world.

Erasing Himself From Lisa And Ben's Memories

"Let It Bleed"

Lisa and Ben is undeniably one of the best things to happen to Dean. But they were never cut out for the lifestyle of a Hunter.

In the episode, "Let it Bleed," Crowley has Lisa and Ben captured to warn Dean to stay out of his way as he opens Purgatory. Though Dean is successful in saving them, he realizes that they will always be in danger as long as they know him. At his request, Castiel erases all memory of Dean from both Lisa and Ben's minds.

While heartbreaking, it was the right decision for Dean to make. He was a Hunter, and as a Hunter, those he loves will never be safe from monsters and demons seeking revenge. While Lisa was Dean's last chance to have a happy life, erasing him from her mind would keep her safe for good.

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