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The Batman Arkham Asylum Spinoff Series Finds A New Showrunner

GameRant 10/26/2022 Daniel Pacheco Muñoz
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More news about one of The Batman spin-offs has been revealed. According to certain sources, the Arkham Asylum spin-off, set in the same universe as Matt Reeves' The Batman, has found its writer, showrunner, and executive producer following the departure of Terence Winter from a project that eventually morphed into the show.

The Batman has a few spin-offs planned. One The Batman spin-off, a series centered on the Penguin as portrayed by Colin Farrell, is set to debut on HBO Max. The universe has several other stories to tell, it seems. Though it is not officially part of the DCEU, and can be considered an alternate universe, it looks like DC is moving ahead with more projects in the same continuity.

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According to a report by Variety, Antonio Campos has been brought on to helm the Arkham Asylum spin-off series as an executive producer, a writer, and showrunner. The project morphed out of a GCPD project which would have explored the inner workings of the Gotham City Police Department. Terance Winter was originally set to helm that show, but he left, and it eventually morphed into two projects: GCPD and Arkham Asylum.

The project is the third known The Batman spin-off. Though it has no official logline, according to Variety, Reeves has described the show as “like a horror movie or a haunted house that is Arkham.” Arkham Asylum has played a pivotal role in Batman's mythos before. In recent years, the negative aspects of such an asylum have been extensively explored as part of the post-modern deconstruction of superheroes and their mythos.

Other The Batman spin-offs from Matt Reeves are set to focus on the villains. Batman's rogues gallery is one of the most colorful and iconic in comics' history. It has a lot of material to mine, and an Arkham Asylum series could serve as a hub for many of those series to crossover. Many of Batman's villains have served time in Arkham Asylum and serve as the opposite side of Batman's coin: deeply damaged individuals who choose to take justice into their own hands.

Perhaps one of The Batman's most underrated characters could appear in Arkham Asylum - Officer Martinez (Gil Perez-Abraham). He could serve as a liaison to the GCPD show. It's also possible that Barry Keoghan's Joker could appear in the series, or Paul Dano's Riddler could pop up. Both were last seen in the asylum, after all.

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Source: Variety

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