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The Talk - 'Real World: New York' Star Kevin Powell on Cast 'evolution' During Reunion

Former housemates Kevin Powell and Julie Gentry discuss reuniting on "The Real World Homecoming: New York" premiering on PARAMOUNT+. On heated debates the cast had in the 90s on social issues compared to now, Powell says, "We covered racism, homophobia, we dealt with the issues of homelessness... we were our authentic selves for what we were passionate about came out loud and clear. And just the fact that we had Black Lives Matter that has exploded in the last year and about to go into this George Floyd trial in Minnesota in a few days, says that, despite of all the progress we've made... we still have a long way to go." Powell also reflects on his fellow cast and his relationship with Julie Gentry. "I did feel a brotherly bond to her. A lot of times people focused on the argument that we had, which is probably the most famous argument ever on the history of racism in the country on TV, but it was also our relationship, which is why we are connected today." He adds, "You see our evolution with these episodes."


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