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Uber-troll J.K. Rowling feels ‘lucky enough to have a manga girls convention in my mentions at least once a week’

We Got This Covered 5/26/2023 Scott Campbell

It’s getting increasingly hard to remember the times when J.K. Rowling was known almost exclusively for being the widely-beloved creator of a fantasy universe that eventually evolved into one of the biggest pop culture behemoths the world has ever seen, but those days are well and truly in the past.

Instead, the author has made a point of torpedoing her reputation in the eyes of many with her outspoken and often-inflammatory views on the transgender community, leaving multiple generations of former fans torn between their unending love of Harry Potter and their increasing hatred of the person who willed it into existence.

Of course, Rowling has made it clear a number of times already that she’s too rich to care about what the peasants think, and she’s getting paid either way no matter how many people follow through on their threats to boycott Max’s in-development episodic reboot of The Boy Who Lived’s adventures.

Instead, she’s continuing to needle her opponents on social media, with gender identity once again at the forefront of her thinking for all the wrong reasons.

Suffice to say, those who back her questionable moral compass are having the time of their lives in the comments and replies, while the end-of-level boss of the TERF universe simultaneously comes under sustained fire from those who wish she’d keep quiet for a change instead of repeatedly doing her best to cause controversy.

They say there are very little consequences for the exceedingly wealthy, which appears to be the ethos Rowling lives by. If anyone hurts her feelings for once, she’ll just wipe away those tears with a mountainous pile of cash.

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