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Wakanda Forever Trailers Show a Heartbreaking Black Panther Callback

CBR 11/9/2022 Nicholas Brooks
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When Black Panther and his legacy were introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it was clear that the character of T'Challa and his impact on the world would make waves in the coming years. Since then, that promise has been delivered, and now, a new foundation is about to be forged with Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. However, following the loss of Chadwick Boseman, that foundation will continue without King T'Challa.

Wakanda Forever will be a powerful exploration of grief and mourning and how to forge ahead without those that helped impact a person's character. That is more evident with Shuri, who lost a king and a brother. This loss was felt even more during the film's trailers when a funeral for T'Challa was held where Shuri and her mother, Ramonda, walked carrying the helmet of the Black Panther. But the helmet Shuri has may also be the film's most heartbreaking Easter egg.

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T'Challa's Funeral Helmet Carries a Deeper Meaning in Wakanda Forever

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For now, the reason for T'Challa's passing is unknown. However, it's clear the loss was sudden and ripped a hole in the heart of Wakanda. Nevertheless, its royal family and the nation have done what they could to keep fighting and hold their heads up, showing strength and unity. But even still, T'Challa's family still feels immense pain that's evident in the eyes of characters like Shuri, who, in every scene, hides a struggle to move on without her brother. But all of this pain was capsulated by the helmet she chose to carry during T'Challa's funeral.

The helmet Shuri was holding was a specific look that first appeared in Captain America: Civil War. While Shuri's nano-vibranium suit quickly replaced the design, T'Challa always took a liking to the first suit he wore. The reason for this was because, in his words, it was his design, meaning it carried a specific sentimental value. It's never explored whether or not the next Black Panther designed their first suit, but it's clear that T'Challa had a connection to his original one. As a result, seeing Shuri carry that helmet, in particular, teased the importance of their relationship.

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How the Black Panther Helmet Explores Shuri and T'Challa's Relationship

It was established in the first Black Panther film that Shuri was never one for sentiment when it came to technology. She was one who would always look towards the future, seeing what could be improved rather than working with something that worked just fine. In that regard, the two siblings always butted heads as T'Challa was all for functionality and never desired to see improvements on many of his gadgets and suits. Even his sandals during his first day as King were meant to honor the past, while Shuri offered more futuristic shoes.

Seeing Shuri carry T'Challa's favorite helmet showed that while the two never saw eye to eye on technology, she loved her brother and noticed how he would always pride her work and use it in the field. So, out of love and respect, it made the most sense that she would compromise in her own way and carry the helmet of the past because she knew what it meant to her brother. Her ability to look to and embrace the past in this instance will also show how the only way to step forward and create a better future is to take what worked from the past, even if it feels strange at first.

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