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Watch This Musician Use A Tuba To Play (And Dominate) 'Rocksmith' Video Game

Nick Rosaci proves you don't need a guitar or bass to play this video game! Check it out! Today, most people like video games, and there are video games for all kinds of people. Everyone knows that the video game industry has improved and evolved a lot in recent years. Music video games are one of the most popular among music lovers, since they can play at being excellent drummers, bassists or guitarists. But in this case, something different happens, this man plays the tuba. This is Nick Rosaci, an exeptional musician and expert in playing the tuba, who plays the Rocksmith video game, but instead of using a guitar, he uses a tuba. This man is very talented! Believe it or not, music video games are one of the most recommended video games to improve health and combat stress. These games help people control their emotions and have more control over their fingers, in the same way, that they also improve people's reflexes. Some people think that video games are bad for young people, but the truth is that this is not the case. You just have to know when, how and what to play, since not everyone is ready to play the same video game, that's why there are many genres for all ages. Video games make people more talented! Music in the cinema and on television has always been highly valued and can even change the tension or the tranquility of the moment with a simple and intelligent change of music at an exact moment. Well, in video games it was not going to be less. From eternal paths through the Wasteland to brick paths to save our princess, from the music of a tank in Vietnam to trips in spaceships through the universe. That fragment, that moment in which that music plays, that moment of reflection, of tranquility or tension, makes music an inseparable companion of video games. It is clear that there are countless other games with incredible music, even games in which you can create your own music or play it, be it Guitar Hero or games similar to this one. The truth is that everyone chooses and plays the video games they want, so feel free to play what you like the most and even change the musical instruments if you wish, just as this man replaces one guitar for a tuba. Today we can see the use of music very intelligently, as we could see with the latest trailer for Call of Duty Black Ops 2 using Back in Black by AC / DC to put sound to its motto of The future is Black. The inclusion of well-known songs in video game trailers has become somewhat remarkable today. For example Super Mario. Who has not ended up singing the little song while you are traveling through the normal world trying to reach the castle? You probably have it on your mind right now. What makes Super Mario music great is having one for each moment, the castle of ghosts, a world of water, a chocolate island, some caves, or with the power of a star. Music is important in video games!
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