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X-Men: Professor X's Daughter Threatened An Entire Alternate Reality

CBR logo CBR 8/19/2022 Brandon Zachary
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Thanks to the Marvel Universe's habit of exploring the multiverse, fans have seen all sorts of hypothetical children who can carry on the legacies of their predecessors. But in one disturbing timeline, the child of the X-Men's founder turned into the world's worst nightmare.

A dark reality shown in a one-shot introduced a villainous version of Professor X and Lilandra's daughter, who wiped out most heroes on Earth and conquered the planet with relative ease. This highlights why it's important for the X-Men to keep an eye on their ally, Xandra, and ensure that she stays heroic.

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In the core-Marvel Universe of Earth-616, it's been revealed that Charles Xavier and Empress Lilandra had their genetics melded to create their daughter -- Xandra. Born with omega-level telepathic abilities, she has become a firm ally of the X-Men and the rest of Marvel's mutants. After being named the Majestrix of the Shi'Ar Empire in New Mutants, she's become even more important -- helping cement the expansion of mutant interests across the galaxy. But Xandra has paid the price for this, dying in an attempt to unlock the secrets hidden about mutant and Shi'Ar relations -- but it's been implied that her mutant heritage will allow the Five to resurrect her. However, as benevolent as Xandra is here, she also has a far more deadly counterpart who doesn't use her powers for the greater good.

On Earth-9922 from Team X #1 (by Sean Ruffner and Kevin Lau), Alanna Neramani was born to Lilandra and Xavier. Blessed with telepathic powers and raised amid the politics of the Shi'Ar Empire, Alanna became shockingly ruthless. Taking inspiration from her aunt Deathbird's legacy, she eventually used her abilities to fuel her ambitions. When civil war broke out within the empire, Lilandra retreated to Earth to rally support from their heroes. Seeing an opportunity, Alanna used the traitors within her mother's court to sneak ships into Earth's orbit and reduce Xavier's Institute for Higher Learning -- which was serving as a base for negotiations -- to rubble. Most of Earth's biggest heroes were present and got wiped out. This left the Earth far easier for a now united Shi'Ar Empire to conquer.

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By the time the Bishop and Deathbird of Earth-616 showed up in this timeline, twenty years had passed. The ruins of Earth remained a piece of the Shi'Ar Empire, with Alanna setting up a base on the world. She forced Angel to become her consort, took on Sauron as her greatest warrior, and turned Dazzler into her pet. The last vestiges of resistance came in the form of the Morlocks -- led by Wolverine. The group did what it could to target and weaken the empire. With Bishop and Deathbird's help, they were able to disrupt Alanna's plans and defeat her -- leaving a decimated world to pick up the pieces.

Alanna serves as solid proof of just how dangerous a union between the Shi'Ar Empire and the mutants can become. With her royal lineage, she was able to claim an entire armada to follow her orders. Making matters worse, her telepathy allowed her to stoke the flames of conflict and turned some of Lilandra's forces against her. It's ultimately a good thing the core-Marvel Universe got someone like Xandra. This also stresses why it's important for the Five to resurrect her -- so she can reaffirm the mutant nation's alliance with the Shi'Ar. The power of the Shi'Ar Empire is too massive and too dangerous to leave in unstable hands. Bringing Xandra back to life and on the throne is crucial for the safety of the Marvel Universe.


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