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'You': Watch the First Six Minutes of Season 4

Collider 2/8/2023 Safeeyah Kazi
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If there was one thing greater than Joe Goldberg's thirst for love then it's the audience of You's insatiable appetite for season four. Following three very intense seasons of Joe embarking on an epic pursuit for finding his one and only and killing just about anyone who gets in the way of said pursuit - including the women themselves when they discover his true colors - season four is set to see Joe try and bury the hatchet. With just hours until the Penn Badgley-led thriller hits Netflix, the streaming platform has unveiled the first six minutes of the upcoming installment.

The show picks up with a refresher course on the reel of Joe's body-bag victims to date from Beck (Elizabeth Lail) to his wife Love (Victoria Pedretti). “Love, it’s a reason for being a reason to do better," Joe narrates over a montage of his casually brutal murders. "...Do the right thing. Be brave.” He then quickly moves on to a very Joe explanation as to how Love (his wife) "burned me out" with all of her "crazy" - which funnily enough matched his crazy pretty well. “I did my best but she was…I hate to call a woman crazy but, well, I did everything to be a good man, a good husband, a good father, I always do everything I can.” It's almost believable with the string of shots depicting Joe as the perfect man, reading to his crying son Henry and massaging Love’s feet. That is until audiences are reminded of how he has pushed, beaten and chopped up anyone who has proven to be problematic to him.

In swift succession, Joe proceeds to explain how he doesn't have "the most impressive track record in the history of romantics" before adding that his "heart is in the right place." If there was any doubt Joe's sights are still very much set on Marianne (Tati Gabrielle) then those have been very much dispelled with him offering a lengthy rationale for her running away. "Love couldn’t understand me but Marianne you understood. We were the same, meant for each other on every level...until Love poisoned the well and you ran. I can’t blame you Marianne... we both know whose to blame here." He also takes a moment to conveniently reveal that the world believes him to be dead at the hands of Love in a murder-suicide that was published in every major publication in America. As for his son, Henry, well he has been left to some "good people" in the interim.

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Things then quickly progress with shots of Joe traipsing all over Europe to find Marianne before he touches down in London. “When I went to find you, I told myself, this is the last time, it’s you or nothing.” The next time Joe is seen on screen is in his well-established, effortlessly charismatic role as university lecturer Professor Moore, which he bagged in a "last minute hire." Floating into his new role with a class focused on American literature, the former bookstore manager is every bit in his element as he prompts and provokes his students for greater insight into his chosen novel. Making an especially positive impression on Nadia (Amy-Leigh Hickman), Joe confidently declares himself "good at professoring.”

Whilst he may be all above board in the opening sequence of season four, it's only a matter of time before Joe is pulled back into his old habits and his efforts to restore his karma are kaput. Not only is he set to become entangled with a student or two, but his first-time encounter with Marianne is also yet to take place. There is the added complication of Joe being targeted by London's new "Eat the Rich Killer" who seems to have taken a special interest in him. Thankfully, it's not long until we can all witness the drama unfold.

Part one of You season four drops tomorrow on Netflix. You can watch the first six minutes of episode one here and the trailer below.

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