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David Nail - Sunset Carousel (Lyric Video)

David Nail - Sunset Carousel (Lyric Video) by David Nail Connect with David Nail -- TikTok: Twitter: Facebook: Official Website: Instagram: Written by David Nail, Grant Vogel, Robyn Collins Produced by Grant Vogel Video by Invisible Heroes You came south from Chicago In your brand new cut off jeans You said pina colada And I said this ones on me I watched you sway to the music you stayed close enough to see You gave me your number Said “I’m staying right down the beach” Chorus We’d go down to the water And drink straight from the bottle The waves rolled in and we were just setting sail We rode around all summer We Knew the end was coming At least we’d have a hell of a story to tell from that sunset carousel We took off like the sunrise Just watched those ponies spin That First time in July And over, and over and over again Like a souvenir sticker, the colors fade But we held on like they wouldn’t, but then September came Copyright (C) 2022 One Five Sound, LLC.
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