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Tcha Limberger off stage. To my friends Marcel Ramba and Koszorús Kálmán

To my friends Marcel Ramba and Koszorús Kálmán. One lucky day in July 2004, the late Koszorus Kalman had the good idea to introduce me to Marcel Ramba during Neufchateau summer camps. I was to teach Transylvanian violin playing Kalotaszeg style. Kalman and Marcel would be the rhythm section, Marcel on double bass, Kalman on bracs. When we met, Kalman told me, you should hear him play the violin!!!. So after the first day's work, I grabbed the double bass, and almost dropped it in astonishment. Marcel's style, sound, ornaments etc, have been an immense inspiration to me ever since. On the last day of the camp my students had the marvellous idea to record the concert featuring Marcel on violin, Kalman bracs, Benjamin Clement guitar and myself on double bass. From this recording, I've just learnt, or endeavoured to learn a suite in A minor. To practice, I recorded, by means of two telephones, a rhythm section of my self on viola and double bass, and then, still in practice mode, contrived to record on top of that a draft of the main focus, the violin. I'd like to dedicate it warmly to Marcel and Koszorus Kalman's dear memory.
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