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Snail Mail - "Valentine" (Official Music Video)

"Valentine" is the title track from the upcoming album by Snail Mail, out November 5th on Matador Records. Pre-save and pre-order here: Credits: The Designer: Lindsey Jordan The Model: Barbara Ramos The Dandy: Scott Watson Director: Josh Coll Original concept by Lindsey Jordan Production Company: All Ages Productions Producer: Laris Kreslins Producer: James Doolittle Unit Production Manager: Hannah Tom 1st Assistant Director: Ryan Rose 2nd Assistant Director: Marisa Dabice Cinematographer: Drew Saracco 1st Assistant Camera: Charles Parker B-Cam Operator: Matt Noll 2nd Assistant Camera: Jon Vaders 2nd Assistant Camera: Matthew Brand Gaffer: Shane Moore Best Boy Electric: Dan White Best Boy Electric: Ja’rel Ivory Dolly Grip: Jeff Bell Key Grip: Vincent Guglielmo Grip Neil: Macrini Jib Operator: Tom Fanelle Swing: Sage Lillaheart Costume Designer: Alexa O'Neill Wardrobe Assist: Brianna Dini Wardrobe Assist: Katie McCann Talent Stylist: Alexa Lanza HMU (Team A): Josephine Love HMU (Team B): Emily Rothstein Assistant HMU: Alexandra Adam’s Assistant HMU: Jamison Donahue Art Director: Benjamin J. Woodward Art Department Assist: Craig Scheihing Art Department Assist: Brian Lynch Art Department Assist: Jesse Olanday Special Effects: Isabelle Isel Audio Playback: Koof Data Wrangler: Colleen McLaughlin Casting Director: Rose Luardo Editor: Colleen McLaughlin Assistant Editor: Julio Tom Post-SFX Animator: Oshy Olly Color By: Irving Harvey Colorist: Samuel Gursky Finishing Producer: Paul DeKams Support: Dave Dunn Support: Ted Passon Equipment Services: Expressway Cinema Rentals BTS Photography: TK Memis BTS Photography: Uv Lucas BTS Photography: Ted Passon PA: Aaron Szabo PA: Anthony Finkel PA: Josephine Racz PA: Seamus Lonergan PA: Sarah Renner PA: Nate Salfi PA: Atari Woodward PA/Intern: Liam Lui Martin Extra: Carlo Fiorletta Extra: Criss Christoff Extra: Christine Walden Extra: Eileen Echerson Extra: Joe Bell Extra: Nailah Murray Extra: Tan Hoang Extra: Katie Haegele Extra: Joseph Carlough Extra: Alyssa Al-Dookhi Extra: David R. Hutchison Extra: Nicole Siering Extra: Kevin McGillicudy Extra: Caitlin Feeney Extra: Tennis Crider Extra: Michael S. Watkins Extra: Alex Bass Extra: Ray Brown Extra: Steph Prizhitomsky Extra: Julienne Smith Extra: Danielle Hammker Extra: Sophia Inez Extra: Desiree Dabice Extra: Fae Loboron Extra: Ingrid Koppsich Extra: Rose Luardo Extra: Andris Lagzdins Extra: Henry Halaway Extra: Petro Shoturma Extra: Egils Stemme Extra: Helen Allison Extra: Jason Stuckey Extra: Anthony Caroto Extra: Haley Malone Extra: Katie Burke Extra: August Greenberg Extra: Erin Renee Russo Extra: Matthew DiMaio Extra: Noor Extra: Sarina Petit Extra: Sharyl Cubero Aguilar Extra: Caleb McCreary Extra: Mo Smith Extra: Debra Lee Extra: Ben Verbeck Extra: Ruth Schanbacher Extra: William Michael Extra: Ken Huang Extra: Gillian DeOliveira Snail Mail: Matador Records on the web: #SnailMail #Valentine
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