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White Claw launched 3 new flavors, and we tried them

The Daily Meal logo The Daily Meal 3/5/2020 Taylor Rock
a close up of a bottle: new white claw flavors © Courtesy of White Claw new white claw flavors

Hot off the heels of Truly’s glow up, hard seltzer market leader White Claw is launching three all-new flavors. After being highly requested by thousands of fans on social media, tangerine, watermelon and lemon White Claws are coming to a store near you.

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Thanks to our friends at the brand, The Daily Meal was able to taste test the new White Claws prior to their official launch — and we loved them all. They’re cool and crisp with bright flavor and aromas. It almost feels like you’re drinking something that’s good for you. You can’t taste the alcohol at all.

“The watermelon one was definitely my favorite,” one editor said. “It had the boldest, sweetest flavor that was wonderfully fake watermelon. Tangerine was nice and refreshing, as was lemon, though I found lemon to be a little too subtle.”

Others, however, picked lemon as their favorite. It’s as if you took a plain seltzer water and squeezed fresh citrus into it. It’s reminiscent of Sprite, but cleaner. It’s incredibly drinkable and this, another editor said, could be “very dangerous.”

“In terms of chugability, I think watermelon would win,” she added.

Another staffer chose tangerine as top dog. “I liked that they were light and not sugar-heavy,” she said. “They will be perfect for warm-weather days.”

So, long story short, we really, really loved them all and as a collective, we couldn’t pick one flavor that was better than the others. As for fans, the most requested one was watermelon, a White Claw spokesperson told The Daily Meal.

All three are set to debut as part of a 12-count variety pack that also comes with mango. Each 12-ounce can contains 5% alcohol, 100 calories and 2 grams of carbs. Find them wherever White Claw is sold, and maybe even at the best bars in America.


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