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8 Bars Where You Can Spend the Night

AFAR Logo By Jenny Adams of AFAR | Slide 1 of 9: Bangkok, ThailandBa Hao bar in Thailand’s Chinatown feels like belongs in 1920s Shanghai. The atmospheric space features backlit bottles of exotic spirits and tiny tables that barely accommodate the shared plates of elevated Chinese street food. Nibble the Jian Bing, crepes stuffed with minced pork and crispy tofu, and sip the Opium, a classic Negroni updated with Chinese ginseng and fragrant herbs. A staircase along the wall leads up to the Santiphap (pictured) and Maitri Chit rooms, two Airbnb spaces. Each room features Thai touches, like lounging cushions on the floor, local textiles, and plant-strewn balconies, as well as industrial accents like subway-tiled bathrooms and chic, leather seating.Location Perks: Ba Hao is located on the tiny alley of Soi Nana, an oasis of cocktail culture that is home to some of the best bars in the city. Make sure to visit Teens of Thailand and Tep Bar, too. From $116

8 Bars Where You Can Spend the Night

Staying directly above a bar might seem like a great way to lose a good night’s sleep, but bars have long been ideal stopovers for weary travelers. In fact, in medieval Europe, alehouses were a sure bet for a bed, some food, and home-brewed beer. Today, there is the noise to consider, and it’s unlikely you’ll find a full-service spa or much in the way of an official concierge. However, if you’re a night owl who loves old historic saloons, someone eager to travel for rare craft brew releases, or a social solo adventurer who’s quick to make new friends, staying directly above a bar could actually be the perfect place to lay your head. From Bangkok to Brooklyn, Cusco to Chicago, there are drinking establishments all over the world that let you sleep on top of the bar (in a manner of speaking). Check into one of these eight cool spots, and you won’t have to dread last call.

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