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10 Meals You Should Order In Pokemon Cafe Remix

TheGamer 9/19/2022 Abigail Kwak
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Pokemon Cafe Remix is a free-to-play title where you match up and connect cheerful Pokemon icons. After linking together enough combos, you will be rewarded with satisfied customers and adorable Pokemon-themed café food. Pokemon Cafe Remix offers a wide variety of colorful meals you and your staff can create.

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These meals will attract certain Pokemon to your café, and after you befriend them, these Pokemon will help you out. Together, you can serve even more delicacies and create a bigger, better café. All the foods offered in the Pokemon Cafe are wonderfully clever and cute, but some are more charming and mouth-watering than others.

Dugtrio Sandwich Trio

If you’re in the mood for a sandwich that combines cuteness with the fresh taste of juicy tomatoes, look no further than the Dugtrio Sandwich Trio. Served on a wooden platter, these three sandwiches are filled with lettuce, tomato, and cheese and are topped with tiny Dugtrio faces. You also get a bonus cup of tomato soup with your meal! Though their creation puzzle will give you the tedious task of dropping red tomatoes into baskets, the result is worth it. After all, everyone loves a good sandwich.

Fluffy Eevee Pancakes

Who wouldn’t want to take a picture of this adorable dessert? The Fluffy Eevee Pancakes feature three fluffy pancakes served with whipped cream and decorated to look like the Normal-type Pokemon (and Pokemon Cafe’s mascot) Eevee. The pancakes even include Eevee’s ears and tail! Though the puzzles to achieve this dish will involve matching combos next to dollops of whipped cream and breaking down sugar cubes, as long as you have the right Pokemon helping you, making these pancakes is as easy as pie. Or cake?

Gratin A La Pumpkaboo

Nothing is better than a bowl of soup on a rainy day. And even though it never rains near the Pokemon Cafe, that doesn’t mean you can’t live out your rainy-day fantasies with this soup. The Gratin a la Pumpkaboo is a warming bowl of pumpkin soup topped with melty cheese and broccoli and served with two slices of bread. The soup’s inspiration is the Ghost/Grass type Pumpkaboo, as seen by the scarily adorable soup bowl and the matching wooden spoon. It may not be the most Pokemon-looking item on the menu, but who can say no to this hot and cozy meal?

Piquant Pikachu Curry

It wouldn’t be a Pokemon game without the appearance of the iconic Electric-type Pikachu. At the Pokemon Cafe, you can order the Piquant Pikachu Curry, which features a smiling Pikachu face made out of yellow rice lying atop a pool of fragrant curry.

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Surrounding the Pokemon are cutout vegetable stars for an extra dash of flavor and cuteness. This dish is almost too cute to eat! If you still have room and want even more Pikachu-themed meals, make sure also to order the Pikachu Fruit Flan for dessert.

Poppin’ Pachirisu Float

Though Pikachu may be the most famous Electric-type Pokemon, that doesn’t mean that other Electric-types get ignored in the Pokemon Cafe. The Poppin’ Pachirisu Float is a float topped with vanilla ice cream and sprinkles that resembles the Electric blue and white squirrel, Pachirisu. Because of its name, expect this float to mix the carbonation of soda or soda water with the creaminess of ice cream. Don’t forget to use the complimentary thunderbolt spoon to scoop up the extra goodies floating at the bottom of the cup.

Nutty Buneary Frappé

Another delicious drink on the Pokemon Cafe menu is the Nutty Buneary Frappé. This drink features everything you want from a sweet treat: whipped cream, chopped nuts, a foamy frappé, and two Buneary ears. As mentioned in the title, this drink will have you using skills to harvest and crack open nuts. But isn’t it worth it if you get to try a drink like this? When you want something sweeter and colder than the famous Eevee latté, the Nutty Buneary Frappé will satisfy your caffeine sugar craving.

Yummy Yamper Pasta

Before you ask, yes, there is a Yamper butt on this dish. This mouth-watering pasta features noodles and tomato red sauce topped with a large, bready Yamper backside. What makes this dish even more adorable is how it looks like Yamper dove headfirst into the pasta, as if they were too excited to wait and had to try a bite themselves. Not to mention the details of Yamper’s ears, paws, tail, and heart-shaped butt help to make this dish even more delightful. Be prepared to face gimmicks like tomatoes and olive oil bubbles when working on the puzzles for this dish.

Burnt-Caramel Vulpix Sundae

What’s better than a sundae? How about a caramel sundae that looks like a Vulpix? The Burnt-Caramel Vulpix Sundae features three layers of sweet goodness topped with an ice cream scoop, coffee jelly cubes, mandarin slices, bananas, a cherry, and cookies that look like a Vulpix’s ears, head, and tail. And don’t forget the titular burnt caramel sauce dripping down the ice cream! Maybe some burnt caramel made it into this dessert’s bottom layers? If it did, get ready for a bitter and sweet taste of dessert heaven.

Cheesy Rowlet Pizza

If you’re craving a cute Pokemon pizza, look no further than the Cheesy Rowlet Pizza. As the name suggests, this dish comes with a lot of cheese! It consists of two freshly made pizzas, one shaped like a Pokeball and one shaped like the Grass/Flying type, Rowlet.

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The combination of crust and cheese helps to create a Rowlet lookalike that captures the Pokemon’s roundness and owl-like appearance. The pizza even has a small sprig of basil to help bring together Rowlet’s iconic look! You also get a bottle of oil on the side of your order, in case you didn’t already have your fill of oil from the many gimmicks this game has to offer.

Eevee Latte

There must be something special about the coffee beans or the milk in this latte that makes Pokemon want to try it from wide and far. The Eevee Latte is served in a Pokeball cup and has a latte art of Eevee sketched on top. Though it may look simple, this latte led to the Pokemon Cafe becoming so well-known and popular.

Not to mention that every time Timburr complete a room upgrade, they always sit down to enjoy a fresh cup of this drink. It might not be the flashiest thing on the menu, but you will miss out if you don’t try the drink that started it all.

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