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Black man hugs Nazi at protest

+THIS EDIT HAS BEEN BLEEPED FOR SWEARING+ Video of a black man embracing a white Nazi wearing a swastika T-shirt at US white supremacist rally. In the video, filmed on October 19 in Gainesville, Florida, the black protester hugs the man and says: “Give me a hug. Why don’t you like me? Huh? What is it?” The incident happened outside the University of Florida as crowds marched in protest against white supremacist Richard Spencer’s speech. Writes the filmer: "Oftentimes the world seems to be a dark place but this video shows why the world is great and shines light and gives confidence to people to continue protesting peacefully. A black man hugged a Nazi and asked him why he does not like him? A powerful interaction!" ++CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN LOOPED++ DOWNLOAD THE ORIGINAL VIDEO HERE:
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