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Chill Out, Bumper Ice Cars Are on Their Way

NBC Los Angeles logo NBC Los Angeles 6 days ago ALYSIA GRAY PAINTER
Coming to an icy expanse near us this February: bumper cars. © Jamie Pham Coming to an icy expanse near us this February: bumper cars.

It's not difficult to mash together two delightful county fair favorites, if you're so inclined.

Mushing ice cream into a carton of fries? It's been done. Dipping fries into a thick malt? Ditto. 

But pairing a county fair classic with a different time of year, one that doesn't boast a ton of outdoor attraction vibes, can be a taller order.

Or, rather, a chillier order, if you're talking about taking bumper cars, that perennial midway favorite, and driving them straight into the heart of wintertime.

But if those cars are actually on ice, and not the planks or concrete seen in summer? That's when you have a full-on, super-frosty, summer-meets-winter mash-up.

And such a mash-up is spinning for Southern California this February, when a limited-time bumper car ice rink pops up in the region.

It's a touring event, one that's visiting Melbourne and Sydney soon, and tickets? They're $30 each. 

Mulled wine, themed cocktails, and the opportunity to skip the bumper cars and go straight to the skates are all part of the scene.

The local location is still a mystery, but you don't have to wait to find out how long you'll be sitting inside your bumper car.

That's 12 minutes, which might seem short, if you're a pro at bumping your friends while sitting in a small, carnival-like vehicle, or long, if you'd like to avoid getting bumped, bumped, bumped.

Bump over here, for more details, and sign up to find out more, as more is available.

Photo Credit: Bumper Ice


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