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Family-owned dessert shop opening in Warner Robins serves 'extreme milkshakes'

Macon Telegraph logo Macon Telegraph 1/28/2021 Becky Purser, The Macon Telegraph

Jan. 28—WARNER ROBINS — Vincent and Lakeisha Clayton of McDonough describe their clan of five as a foodie family.

They often make trips to Atlanta in search of dessert shops. Such quests also are top on their to-do list when on vacation.

Figuring they weren't alone in their desire for top-notch desserts south of Atlanta and dreaming of starting their own business, they wondered if a dessert shop just might be the ticket.

The couple decided to take the plunge — quitting their jobs in retail management on the same day.

Two months later, the Claytons opened their first Cake 'n Shake in Locust Grove on July 19, 2019.

Today, the husband and wife team expect to open a Warner Robins location of their dessert shop at 115 Margie Drive, Suite A, in February and a McDonough location in April.

The target date for the Warner Robins opening is Feb. 12, just in time for Valentine's Day.

The Claytons attribute their success to their signature "extreme milkshake" creations, customer service, community involvement and their business backgrounds, which made for an easy transition to the restaurant industry.

They're also hard workers and are social media savvy.

"There's something on the menu for everyone. All our creations are authentic. We are not a franchise. Me and my wife and my three daughters, we own the company 100%," Vincent Clayton said.

'Extreme milkshakes'

"What makes it extreme? Well, first we hand scoop all our shakes. We don't start with a vanilla base and flavor it with syrups and things like that," Vincent Clayton said. "You get a butter pecan shake, that's from hand-scooped flavor.

"You get a strawberry shake, that's a hand-scooped strawberry ice cream that we're hand blending ... All of our ice creams are made locally in Georgia. It's not a national brand that you can go purchase off the shelf at Publix or Kroger. So, all made by family-owned creameries."

Cake 'n Shake then takes their milkshakes to the next level — trimming the outside of the cup with icing and sprinkles, drizzling chocolate or other flavor on the inside and then adding toppings on the shake from a cupcake to a slice of cheesecake or both.

"And it's not a mini-cupcake on top," Clayton said. "It's a traditional-size cupcake on top of our shake."

Every extreme shake gets a Pixy Stix, a signature mark for Cake 'n Shake creations.

"And we use the fat milkshake straws," Clayton said. "We don't use the skinny straws that you have to fight with. We use the ones where everything's going to come up.

"We're taking a milkshake to an extreme level. That's why we call it an extreme milkshake."

Their most popular extreme milkshake also bears the name of the restaurant.

The Cake 'n Shake extreme milkshake is a strawberry and banana blend topped with a slice of a New York style cheesecake and a vanilla cupcake on top and more.

'Gone Bananas'

It's followed closely in popularity by the Gone Bananas extreme shake, a banana pudding shake with vanilla wafer cookies topped with whip cream, vanilla wafer crumbs and a banana pudding-filled cup cake.

"It's literally like drinking banana pudding through a straw," Clayton said.

Customers may also create their own extreme shakes.

"You don't have to stick with the creation we've put together," Clayton said. "You can kind of do your own combination to make it more suiting to you."

Don't want to go extreme? That's fine, too The dessert shop offers classic shakes such chocolate, strawberry and a host of other flavors as well as cake slices, cup cakes and ice cream by the scoop.

The menu also includes a wide range of beef hot dogs, Boba tea and other desserts and foods.

Prices range from $3 for a cupcake to $16.99 for a "trash panda" — an extreme milkshake that's 32 ounces.

Vincent, 28, and Lakeisha, 27, met in the 10th grade at Mount Zion High School in Jonesboro. They later started dating the winter after graduation in 2001

Both went into retail management right after high school, carving out careers. He was over multiple Payless shoes stores, including those in Macon and in Warner Robins. She managed a Dollar Tree store.

The original plan was for Vincent Clayton to keep his job while they got the dessert shop started. But he said he didn't want to leave the bulk of the work to his wife and he didn't want to divide himself between his employer-based job and his own business.

Clayton also had been watching the interest in their first dessert shop growing on social media before it opened.

They talked it over and decided to go all in.

Hands-on ownership

The Claytons plan to rotate among their three locations. When the Warner Robins shop opens, the couple expects to spend the first two weeks here.

"We're very hands-on like, yeah, we own it, but we're in the shop," Clayton said "We're wiping tables. We're cooking. We're cleaning. We're having fun with employees.

"We're the type that's very present in our business. We wear all the hats from janitor to cashier. We're on the same level right there with our team."

The eldest daughter, 16-year-old Blaiklyn, works part-time at the Locust Grove location. She's a shift leader and manages the kitchen.

Their younger daughters, Addisyn, 13, and Carsyn, 10, help out by make sure customers have all they need and letting them know if tables need cleaning or the trash needs to be taken out.

Their dessert shop also has cool vibe. It offers free WiFi, a bench-type lounge area for hanging out and more traditional seating as well.

Operating hours will be 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and noon to 6 p.m. on Sunday.


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