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Hilarious footage of huge rat chasing a woman around in circles

This was the hilarious moment a woman was sweeping the floor and an angry ray started chasing her around in circles. Thuy Say, 20, had been cleaning debris on Wednesday from the concrete floor of the new building being built near her home in Hai Phong, Vietnam. But the enormous black rat some 30cm long appeared and began jumping at her. Thuy desperately tried to hit the rodent with the broom handle but it continued to dodge the blows and run after her. The aggressive rodent even had her cornered as it bared its teeth and leapt towards her as she cried for help. But despite her distress, her rather cruel friends found the scene hilarious and were laughing at her from the side of the wall. Thuy, a student, tried to climb out but slipped back in and the rat began attacking her again. She said: ‘’I don’t like rats so this was like a nightmare for me. It was so big and angry. ‘’I did not know that rats could jump so high. I couldn’t hit it because it was so fast and I couldn’t get out. I was crying but now when I watch the video it is funny.’’ Thuy eventually clambered out after her friends gave her a ‘leg up’ onto the wall and back onto the ground.
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