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Horse comes running to whistled theme from 'Legend of Zelda'

Video has emerged from British Columbia of a horse responding to a theme from the "The Legend of Zelda" video game series by galloping over to the filmer. In the video, filmed in July 2016 by a Japanese exchange student who helped out on pasture land for five months, a male Andalusian horse named Gallardo runs across a field over to the filmer while the melody from "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" is being whistled. In the game, this melody - played on an ocarina - is used by the player to call a horse named Epona over to the main character, Link. The filmer writes: "(Gallardo) often grazed by himself. Since he wanted companionship, we got along well. In the evenings it always used to wait for me. I used to go to the barn to feed it. "It was always my dream to call a horse with the song from Epona."
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