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Long Valley’s Chocolate Shoppe, A Handcrafted Treats Destination

Patch logo Patch 10/15/2021 Jennifer Jean Miller
Magical-looking, handcrafted chocolate and candy treats await The Chocolate Shoppe's customers this Halloween season and beyond. © Image courtesy of The Chocolate Shoppe Magical-looking, handcrafted chocolate and candy treats await The Chocolate Shoppe's customers this Halloween season and beyond.

LONG VALLEY, NJ — Chocolate and candies offer that something special to people of all ages, with showcase items especially an imaginative throwback to childhood.

The Chocolate Shoppe of Long Valley, one of the region’s locally and family-owned chocolatiers and candy creators, has specialized in handcrafted and decadent creations since the family who runs it opened in 2005, with mouthwatering and eye-appealing treats for every season and customized for all special occasions.

Like every delicious piece of chocolate or candy that comes from The Chocolate Shoppe, the establishment also has its own unique story, said the Shoppe’s Manager, Emily Oldmixon.

The journey began actually when her sister Erin Carrajat began working for Mangels Chocolates in Chester part-time while in high school. Oldmixon, her mother Darleen Wizorek, her brother Dan Wizorek and her sister Jes Wizorek eventually also becoming versed in the chocolate industry, working with and befriending owners Bob and Sandra Bisk.

Oldmixon said her mother started working for Phyllis Blake at The Chocolate Shoppe when it was in Warren County’s Washington in 2005, buying the business in 2006. The family, originally from Florham Park but having moved to Long Valley in 1983, with Oldmixon’s father, Mike Wizorek, helping with aspects of the business, opened a second store in Mendham in 2009.

After a fire tore through the Mendham location in 2016, the family decided it made sense to relocate The Chocolate Shoppe to Long Valley, with Oldmixon and all of her siblings having graduated from West Morris Central High School and living there.

Today, all of the family helps out with the business in some aspect, Oldmixon said, with she and her sister Jes, there full-time.

“We have several wonderful employees, not including our family,” Oldmixon added, “and six grandkids who are anxious to become Oompa Loompas.”

How The Chocolate Shoppe may differ from some candy and chocolate destinations is they create about 80 percent of their showcase candy in-house; and handmold all of their molds on location, Oldmixon said.

“We make many of our centers from scratch right in our kitchen, such as our caramel, buttercrunch (toffee), mousse (truffles), marshmallow, peanut butter, and enrobe them in quality chocolate,” Oldmixon told Patch. “We hand dip our nut clusters, potato chips and orange and apricot slices.”

“This is a job you have to love because it is very tedious and delicate work,” she said.

The Chocolate Shoppe is known for its caramels, favors of all shapes and sizes for any occasion and its hot chocolate bombs, among its many treats.

Each chocolate bomb, which should be prepared with hot milk only, is hand-packaged in an individual bag with instructions, then tied with a bowl, for a handcrafted drink once the bomb works its magic in a cup with hot milk.

“We handmold our hot chocolate bombs with love right here in our kitchen with real chocolate, fill it with high quality hot cocoa and shaved chocolate mix, add a large piece of our homemade marshmallow and drizzle the top for a little extra chocolatey goodness,” Oldmixon said.

For Halloween, there are extra-special, unique treats that they make, including centerpieces. One of them is a massive, haunted house weighing over three pounds, said Oldmixon. Caramel and chocolate-dipped apples, Halloween-themed hot chocolate bombs, homemade chocolate and peanut butter creations, witches with caramel cauldrons and chocolate, smashable, filled pumpkins are among the delicious items.

They even offer nut-free treats, which are marked on the packages with stickers.

“We have so much more, you have to come and see for yourself,” she said.

Looking for something other than candy or chocolates that’s festive and in-season?

The store specializes in made in the USA giftware. See these gifts and some of their candy selection in the video below.

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Customers can order online and even have a limited number of The Chocolate Shoppe’s menu items delivered by Grubhub, Oldmixon said.

On their social media pages, they often host frequent “giveaways,” like their “Name This Chocolate” contest as the creations pass through their chocolate conveyor belt that they’ve nicknamed their “Lucy” machine after the famous chocolate episode on I Love Lucy.

They ask customers to stay tuned to their social media for their contests, with their Facebook here and Instagram here.

The Chocolate Shoppe does lots of local givebacks to the community, Oldmixon said, in monetary and chocolate donations. They just donated chocolate bars to the blood drive at Valley View Chapel. They also had a fundraiser with paw print cookies, with proceeds to a local animal rescue, as another.

Something that is priceless to Oldmixon and the entire family is the continued support from their customers.

“They are what keeps us going and we appreciate and treasure their friendships and patronage,” she said.

The Chocolate Shoppe is located at 62 East Mill Road in Long Valley, their hours of operation Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Visit them online at or call 908-867-2000.

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