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Man Shocked by $16 Mcdonald's Combo Meal: Is Inflation Out of Control?

Womenio logo: MainLogo Womenio 3/7/2023 Sylvia Silverstone

Topher Olive shared his shock after ordering a combo meal at McDonald's and paying $16,10 with taxes.

Image credit: topherolive via TikTok © Provided by Womenio Image credit: topherolive via TikTok

Olive, from Idaho, showed his meal on TikTok, causing the viral video to divide the internet.

"Sixteen dollars for a burger, a large fry, and a drink"

Topher, known on TikTok as @topherolive, captioned the clip:

"I get there's a labor shortage. I get there's wage increases and a number of other things, but $16?"

The video showed that Topher ordered Smoky BLT Quarter Pounder with cheese, large fries, and a Sprite.

Some of the TikTokers pointed out that he ordered items on the more expensive side, though there is no doubt that inflation is still causing massive issues, especially in the food industry.

It is no secret that McDonald's was among the fast-food chains that raised their prices in 2021. They were quick to account for inflation and advanced labor costs.

Topher's video received nearly 700k views and counting, but the comments were divisive.

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People share their views on the video

Topher wrote, "Sixteen dollars for a burger, a large fry, and a drink. It's just crazy." Some TikTokers were just as shocked.

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One wrote: "It's officially not convenient or affordable anymore."

Another added: "Might as well go to the store and buy hamburger meat."

But, not everyone was sympathetic, as a TikToker said:

"Bro ordered the most expensive meal they have and acted surprised."

Others advised Topher to get an app: "Bro, obviously didn't use the app."

Others expressed their concerns as the person stated: "Sit down restaurant, it is for that price!"

And another added:

"Companies know they can get these prices now, so they'll never go back," suggested another. "it doesn't matter who's in office."

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Topher admitted he prefers to cook

The TikToker's outrage should not come as a surprise as he stated he cooks 90 percent of the time.

Others agreed that home-cooked meals will be more of a necessity than ever, as one person wrote:

 "We have experienced the same thing. The food isn't bigger or better, we will be hav[ing] more home-cooked meals. My wages didn't go up."

Is inflation messing up your eating habits? Do you think sitting in restaurants, even fast food chains, is not affordable anymore?


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