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Monopoly Delivers Pizza-Themed Version of the Classic Board Game

Food & Wine logo Food & Wine 12/17/2018 Mike Pomranz
Monopoly Pizza © Courtesy of Hasbro Monopoly Pizza

The classic board game Monopoly has been co-opted by pretty much every subject on Earth. A quick search of Monopoly on Amazon reveals themed editions for video games like Fortnite, movies like The Nightmare Before Christmas, and TV shows like Rick and Morty. And if your hometown doesn't have its own version of Monopoly, congratulations, I can only assume you live in some small fishing village in the Arctic Circle. And yet, I may have spoken too soon because one tasty topic has never had its own version of Monopoly — until now that is. New for this holiday season is Monopoly Pizza.

a close up of a logo: Courtesy of Hasbro © Courtesy of Hasbro Courtesy of Hasbro

So how does Monopoly Pizza work? Well, like most variations on Monopoly, it sounds a lot like, uh, Monopoly. "In this delicious twist on the classic Monopoly game, players move around the game board trying to buy as many types of pizza as they can — from classic pepperoni or spinach to mushroom," Hasbro explains. "Instead of buying properties or collecting rent, players will aim to collect a color set which corresponds to a type of pizza, such as veggie lovers, barbecue chicken or even mac and cheese! A full set of flavors combines to make an awesome new pizza, giving those cards a higher value. At the end of the game, the player who collects the most pizza slices wins!"

Courtesy of Hasbro © Courtesy of Hasbro Courtesy of Hasbro

So actually, yes, it is a bit different from classic Monopoly. One obvious change is that the board is a bit smaller. Also, the game utilizes a mix of money and pizza slices that players are trying to collect. Overall, it does appear to be more than just an aesthetic overhaul — which is great, because if we all know one thing about Monopoly, it's that the very best part of Monopoly is learning all the rules!

a hand holding a piece of paper: Courtesy of Hasbro © Courtesy of Hasbro Courtesy of Hasbro

But speaking of an aesthetic overhaul, the game does come with plenty of nice visual touches: The box looks like a pizza box, an illusion the game keeps up when the box is open thanks to a pizza-shaped board on top, and of course, this is Monopoly, so you get fun little pizza-themed metal tokens like a tiny pizza cutter and a tiny cheese grater.

a close up of a newspaper: Courtesy of Hasbro © Courtesy of Hasbro Courtesy of Hasbro

Monopoly Pizza has a suggested retail price of $19.99 and is currently available "at most major retailers nationwide."


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