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‘My kid demanded Outback Steakhouse’: Mom says rare steak is her daughter’s safe food

Daily Dot 3/24/2023 Parks Kugle
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Most children are picky eaters, but parents usually have issues getting their kids away from junk food. Expanding a child's pallet is hard work, and it can be a mixed blessing when a child discovers not only a food they like but insists on for every meal.

One parent recently shared how her daughter's newfound love of rare steaks is breaking the bank, sparking a debate on the rising costs of groceries compared to eating out.

In a clip with over 521,000 views as of Friday, TikTok user Cat (@Penelope.Peach_ ) lamented that her daughter's favorite food costs as much at the grocery store as it does at Outback Steakhouse.

Commenters, some of whom are parents, responded with money-saving tips to help the mother.

"One of my safe foods is steak too. If you are able to budget the upfront cost, buying in bulk and cutting steaks yourself can often really help."

"Chuck steaks are cheap and quality. They're practically ribeyes but like 1/3 of the price."

"I buy whole tenderloins and ribeye and I learned to cut them myself. Much Cheaper!"

Some offered support and encouragement, having gone through similar phases with their children.

"Eyyy at least you respect her boundaries and safe foods. That's so important and makes things so much easier."

"My kid's is sushi. I feel you."

While others showed concern for potential health risks the desire for red meat may indicate.

"Rare steak was my safe food for ages, turned out I had severe iron deficiency and needed an IV infusion," one user replied.

"I'm anemic and eat steak almost everyday. Definitely get hip to manager specials in the store and buy from a meat wholesaler," another user suggested.

Cat responded that her child has sensory issues and that she is not anemic or suffering from a vitamin deficiency. This sparked new comments offering suggestions for autistic tastes.

"If she likes ramen, you could do steak in ramen and use a cheaper steak. I'm autistic and the flavor and texture is pretty consistent."

Though advice differed, most users agreed that the prices of food have grown out of control whether you are eating out or staying in.

As one user said, "Yeah but doesn't it suck that it no costs the same if not more to cook dinner at home than to order out?"

We reached out to Outback Steakhouse via their PR department and to Cat via TikTok comment.

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