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Oreo Confirms Five Flavors for the Summer

Food & Wine logo Food & Wine 5/13/2019 Mike Pomranz
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Sometimes it’s hard to tell who’s busier: the Oreo product development team or the Oreo rumor mill. With a never-ending stream of new, returning, and limited-edition items hitting shelves, Oreo typically has iterations of its classic cookie dropping every month — but at the same time, a cottage industry of sites and social media accounts has sprung up to try to break these kinds of releases before they happen, often with info and images popping up months in advance. Just where this leaked content comes from is a different story entirely, but one thing is for certain: These rumor sites are almost always accurate.

Once again proving that fact, today, the Oreo team officially confirmed five flavors set to debut on, or return to, shelves nationwide this summer. And guess what? We’ve already covered nearly all of them. Still, now that Oreo has sent along the official product details, we might as well give you the rundown again.

a close up of food: Oreo © Oreo Oreo

S’more Oreos are back as of today. Originally launched in 2015, Oreo bills this variety as a “fan favorite,” and it’s certainly a good fit for nights where a campfire would be cool, but you’re just too lazy to light one up. Instead, these Oreos come premade with “a graham flavored cookie with marshmallow and chocolate flavored crème.”

Oreo © Oreo Oreo

Oreo Thins Latte will arrive in June. Here is the one Oreo iteration we haven’t touched on before — in part because, let’s be honest, these thinner Oreos simply don’t have the cachet of the original even if they are a slightly more reasonable way to indulge. That said, if you like Oreo Thins, these slim cookies with latte-flavored crème are joining the permanent Thins lineup.

Oreo © Oreo Oreo

Oreo Marshmallow Moon hits shelves in mid-June. We originally caught wind of these Apollo 11 tribute Oreos last month which will feature “three fun, moon-landing designs on the cookie” and “come in glow in the dark packaging with anniversary sticker sets on pack,” according to the brand.

a close up of ware: Oreo © Oreo Oreo a close up of a coin: Oreo © Oreo Oreo

They also feature a purple filling which is marshmallow flavored (because what else would purple taste like, I guess?).

Oreo © Oreo Oreo

Baskin Robbins Mint Chocolate Chip flavored Oreos are coming in mid-July. Also leaked last month, these ice cream-themed Oreos are said to be a “playful twist to [Baskin Robbins’] classic flavor featuring both mint and chocolate flavored cremes with chocolate chips.”

Oreo © Oreo Oreo

Maple Creme flavored Oreo Cookies will arrive in late-August, the final flavor of the summer. Again, we saw this flavor revealed in April, but the timing of its release wasn’t entirely clear. Now, we know this limited-edition cookie will be an early kickoff to fall, featuring “maple flavored creme sandwiched between two Golden Oreo cookies.”

For now, that’s all Oreo says they have in the pipeline. But if history has taught us anything, some corner of the internet is probably already leaking news on what to expect for the fall and winter. I’d look for you, but I kind of have a "no more than five Oreo flavors per article" rule.


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