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Parents appeal for help after daughter is born with bubble on face

The parents of a newborn baby girl have appealed for help after she was born with a balloon-like growth on her face. Angelica Hail Heachanova had the small red bubble protruding from her eyes when she was born on October 10 on the island of Boracay in the Philippines. It left doctors in the remote region baffled and since then the red ball has grown bigger - now resembling a large balloon attached to her face. Desperate parents Rufino Hachanova, 44, and Margie Tapere, 47, appeared on local radio in the Aklan district of the region as they appealed for help for their daughter. Rufino said: 'Angelica was born and we saw there was a problem but we thought it could be cured easily. That was not the situation and the growth continued to get worse. Doctors have not been able to stop it. Angelica has been in hospital since the day she was born. It is our dream for her to be able to return home with us to be part of the family. She is being cared for every day and we don’t know what the outcome will be.' Angelica has now been transferred from the island to the mainland where she is set to be treated at the Western Visayas Medical center in Iloilo City. Doctors were running tests on the infant and sending samples of skin from the growth to the laboratory for examination. Medics fear that operating on the bubble to try to remove it from Angelica’s face could lead to severe blood loss. But they also believe that if the growth is left untreated it could explode and cause blood loss.
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