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Pet parrot creates bizarre shopping list on owner's Amazon Echo device

A funny video has emerged of a woman discovering the items her pet parrot has saved in her Amazon Echo shopping list. The footage, captured on August 26 in West Frankfurt, Illinois, shows Alexa detailing the items Bibi, the African Grey parrot, saved as items to buy. "We had no idea that our Amazon Echo device was also listening to the parrot," Bibi's owner wrote online. "When Alexa unexpectedly said, 'I'll add that to your shopping list', we decided to see what was on the shopping list." "We laughed until tears were streaming down our faces. It appears that most --if not all-- of the items were added to the list by Bibi the bird," she added. The items on the parrot's shopping list are: poetry, strawberries, strawberries, strawberries, strawberries, strawberry yogurt, easy water, jeans, Harry, big tofu, big, big, red retreat, milk, berry, apple, berry, berry, berries. Fortunately, the owners have deactivated the automatic-purchase feature on the device, preventing the bird to actually buy the items.
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