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The Real Reason Taco Bell Hired Pete Davidson For Its 'Apology' Commercial

TheThings 10/18/2022 Alex Passa
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For a short-while, the attention was finally off Pete Davidson and his relationship with Kim Kardashian, post-breakup. Instead, fans were talking about Pete Davidson's new ad campaign for Taco Bell.

In truth, it isn't the first time Taco Bell is making the headlines for their work alongside celebs. Lil Nas X became the 'Cheif Impact Officer'. However, on the flip side, as we'll reveal in the following, Taco Bell has also faced some heat from celebs like 50 Cent, who sued the fast food establishment for using his name without consent. We'll have more on that later...

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For now, we'll discuss the feedback Pete Davidson is getting from the fans for his Taco Bell commercial and why the fast-food restaurant hired the comedian in the first place.

Pete Davidson's Taco Bell Commercial Is Receiving Negative Reviews

'The Apology' ad campaign was a clever way for Taco Bell to say, 'we're sorry'. The fast food establishment is simplifying their breakfast menu, and getting rid of some complicated items. In order to do so, Taco Bell picked Pete Davidson for the campaign.

At the moment, fans aren't exactly thrilled with the decision and outcome. It was a storm on platforms like Reddit, with fans bashing Davidson's involvement. Gizmodo highlighted some of the worst comments.

One fan writes, "I’m a super hardcore [Taco Bell] fan (which is why I’m here lol) but even then the Pete Davidson ad with him talking with his mouth full is absolutely repulsive and makes me want to not eat there."

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Fans were particularly none too pleased with the part that features Pete Davidson eating with his mouth full. According to lots of the reviews, this makes people want to avoid the fast food establishment instead... Interestingly enough, on Taco Bell's YouTube channel cuts out the part of Davidson chewing and talking... perhaps they heard the backlash from the fans.

Taco Bell Hired Pete Davidson Because Of His Appeal Towards A Younger Audience

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Distractify notes that following the pandemic, Taco Bell had a major plan in place to relaunch its breakfast menu, once again, in attempt to simplify things. So how does Pete Davidson factor in? Well, according to the publication, Davidson is a fan of Taco Bell, and he also appeals to the demographic Taco Bell is going after.

The publication writes, "Taco Bell is planning to run two 30-second ads featuring Saturday Night Live alum Pete Davidson that formally apologize for its past breakfast-related mistakes. Steve said that the partnership between them worked out because Pete was already a fan of the chain (shocking, I know), and he also appeals to the younger audience that Taco Bell is hoping to reach with these spots."

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Now despite the negative reviews, the ad campaign is doing exactly what it set out to do and that's gain as much exposure as possible.

At the very least, fans are talking about the commercial which is great for the brand.

Taco Bell Had Some Serious Issues With Celebs And Advertising In The Past

Advertisements don't always work out for Taco Bell. In fact, they were once sued by 50 Cent, who claims the fast food establishment used his name without permission.

"50 Cent has sued Taco Bell, claiming the fast-food restaurant chain is using his name without permission in advertising that asks him to call himself 99 Cent," Billboard writes.

"The rapper says in a federal lawsuit filed yesterday (July 23) that the Mexican-themed chain features him in a print ad asking him to change his name to 79 Cent, 89 Cent or 99 Cent."

Peter D. Raymond, 50 Curtis Jackson's lawyer stated that the rapper was seeking $4 million in damages from the ad campaign.

Taco Bell's rep spoke about the ordeal, claiming they tried to make a donation instead to 50 Cent's charity of choice.

“We made a good faith, charitable offer to 50 Cent to change his name to either 79, 89 or 99 Cent for one day by rapping his order at a Taco Bell, and we would have been very pleased to make the $10,000 donation to the charity of his choice.”

A messy situation to say the least...

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